Frequently Asked Questions about Plastic Pallets

We often get asked questions about our plastic pallets, so here you will find our most frequently asked questions.

The applications and uses for plastic pallets are endless. If you have a question about finding the right plastic pallet for you, drop us a line at [email protected] or call us on +44 (0)1323 744057.

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Plastic Pallets by Style

  • What are the different types and styles of plastic pallets?

    The range of plastic pallet styles includes heavy & medium duty, those made from recycled plastic and hygienic plastic pallets. We stock lightweight, one-trip, nestable and stacking plastic pallets, which means that there is always a pallet to suit your application.

  • What are the most popular industries using plastic pallets?

    Our plastic pallets are used in a variety of industries that include the pharmaceutical, food production, automotive as well as the beverage and brewing industry.

    Whilst the applications of plastic pallets within logistics and supply chain are at times obvious, sometimes that requirements are more specific.

    Each week, our client 'Steven Rimmer Eggs' delivers 65,000 weight-graded, quality checked eggs direct from the farm in its refrigerated delivery vans throughout Southport, Merseyside and West Lancashire.

    They required a more hygienic and lighter weight solution to their wooden pallets, which is where our plastic pallets provided the perfect solution. Read more here.

  • How much weight can a plastic pallet hold?

    This can vary but, many of our long-lasting recycled pallets can carry loads of 1250kg when stored in standard beam racking.

  • Can plastic pallets be designed for application?

    Yes! If you cannot find a suitable product in our plastic pallet range then please get in touch to discuss a bespoke design solution for your supply chain requirements. Our specialist team are on hand to guide you through the options and find you the right solution for your application. Call us no on +44 (0)1323 744057, email [email protected] or fill in our online request a quote form.

  • What types of materials are used for plastic pallets?

    High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) and Polypropylene (PP) are the two major material groups that go into our plastic pallets. We also use Polyethylene terephthalate (PET), Polyethylene (PE), Polyolefin (PO) and recycled material extracted from household and business plastic waste in the production of our plastic pallets. To learn more about our plastic pallet production process read Our Responsibility Policy.

  • How are plastic pallets categorised?

    Plastic pallets are categorised by style and size. Read our guide to selecting a plastic pallet.

  • What is the best plastic pallet material?

    High-Density Polyethylene and Polypropylene are the most commonly used materials in the production of our plastic pallets, but different materials react and perform differently depending on the application and environment. For example, HDPE pallets will perform better in very low temperatures.

  • What features do plastic pallets have?

    Major features of plastic pallets include stack-ability, which in turn saves money on storage and transportation costs, longevity, the reduced impact to the environment, sustainability, conformity to health and safety regulations - especially in export - and application in specific industries such as food production and distribution. It are these features which make plastic pallets a much better alternative to wooden pallets.

  • What are the advantages of plastic pallets?

    The advantages to using plastic pallets are clear. However, one area that is often forgotten is the stringent import and export regulations associated with the treatment of wooden pallets. Plastic pallets are of course exempt and therefore reduce costs where transportation of good abroad is required.

    Additionally plastic pallets reduce the need for excessive warehouse and transportation space due to bespoke footprint and storage design. Plastic pallets also reduce maintenance time often associated with wooden pallets. If you are in any doubt, take a look at the benefits of plastic pallets.

  • What are the disadvantages of plastic pallets?

    Plastic pallets offer considerable benefits compared to wooden alternatives, and although the initial outlay may be comparatively higher, it offers a comprehensive cost per use saving in the long term. Still not convinced? Take a look at the benefits of plastic pallets.

  • Why should I use plastic pallets instead of wooden pallets?

    Our plastic pallets offer space saving, durability, cost-saving and sustainability benefits over the traditional wooden pallet. Take a look at the benefits of plastic pallets.

  • What colours do plastic pallets come in?

    Our plastic pallets are available in the following colours:

    • black
    • grey
    • blue
    • red
    • green
    • yellow
    • white
    • beige

    Bespoke colour options are available upon request and upon meeting a minimum order quantity. To talk to us about your specific plastic pallet requirements fill in our request a quote form.

  • Are plastic pallets sustainable?

    A major advantage of utilising plastic pallets is the increased level of sustainability delivered from the reduction of waste and an increase in usability whilst also providing space-saving benefits reducing transportation costs. We are The Responsible Plastic Pallet Company and we guarantee to take full responsibility for recycling the plastic pallets and boxes we supply. Read our Responsibility Policy.


  • What are Nestable Pallets?

    Nestable pallets are the ideal solution when space saving is vital. They nest inside each other, making stacking more efficient and safer. This means that when they are empty a large quantity can be loaded back onto a truck and taken away or stored. Nestable pallets are ideal for lightweight applications with evenly spread loads.

  • Do Nestable Pallets come in different styles?

    "Nestable pallets come in a range of styles including, display, open and closed deck, onetrip, and reusable . Talk to us today about your specific application and we will help you find the right solution.

    The largest nestable pallet is the APB 1414 L 2R, which is 1400mm x 1400mm and the smallest is the Cabka-IPS Nest M1 4F, which is 400 x 300mm.

  • What sizes do Nestable Pallets come in?

    400mm x 300mm, 600mm x 400mm, 800mm x 600mm, 1200mm x 800mm, 1200mm x 1000mm, 1140mm x 1140mm, 1200mm x 1200mm and 1400mm x 1400mm.

  • What are Nestable Pallets generally used for?

    Nestable plastic pallets are generally used for xports, including airfreight, lightweight storage, warehouse & logistical movements.

  • What's a Stackable Pallet?

    Stackable pallets have base runners, which means they can be stacked on top of each other. Most are available with an edge lip and this enables the pallets to stack securely when they are empty.

Heavy Duty Pallets

  • What are Heavy Duty Plastic Pallets?

    Heavy Duty plastic pallets are incredibly strong and hard working. Suitable for repeated use, again and again, our Heavy Duty pallets have a range of different features to suit every application.

  • What sizes do Heavy Duty Pallets come in?

    Our Heavy Duty plastic pallets come in a range of sizes. The largest is the Qpall 1311 Hr 6R which is 1300mm x 1100mm and then the smallest is the APB 6080 Pool 3R which measures 800mm x 600mm.

  • What weight can Heavy Duty Pallets take?

    Our most popular heavy duty pallet, the APB 1210 Pool Open 5R boasts an impressive dynamic load capacity of 2500kg, and a racking load of 1250kg. The static load is 5000kg which means they can be stacked four pallets high, each with 1250kg on.

  • What are Heavy Duty Pallets generally used for?

    Heavy Duty plastic pallets can be used with a forklift or pallet truck and as such they are ideal for ensuring that goods are easily transported. They also make excellent display pallets within an end to end supply chain.

  • Do Heavy Duty Pallets come in different styles?

    Heavy Duty plastic pallets come in a range of different styles. Euro pallets, Non and Full Perimeter, Open and Closed Deck, our range of Heavy Duty Plastic Pallets suit a wide range of applications. Take a look at the various applications that our plastic pallets are used in.

  • What are the benefits of Heavy Duty pallets?

    Some of the benefits of heavy duty pallets include:

    End to end supply chain
    Robust and incredibly strong
    Easy to clean

    Read more about the benefits of plastic pallets.

Display Pallets

  • What are Display Plastic Pallets?

    Display Plastic Pallets are used for point of sale marketing, allowing retailers to displaying goods easily on the shop floor. Display pallets take products through from distribution right to the customer. Once the products have been sold, the display pallets can then be nested or stacked, allowing for space saving too.

    Our smaller Display pallet is the Cabka-IPS Nest M1 4F, which has 4 feet and is ideal for small spaces on shop floors and display units can easily be fixed into the pallet's specifically designed locking points.

  • What is a pallet skirt?

    Pallet skirts wrap around the bottom part of a display pallets. They are specifically used to advertise and market the product on the display pallet and generally are designed to fit a specific point of sale display pallet.

  • What are the benefits of Display Pallets?

    Some of the benefits of display pallets include:

    End to end supply chain
    Easy to clean
    Robust and lightweight
    Designed to be stacked/ nested when empty and therefore space saving

    Read more about the benefits of plastic pallets.

  • What are the features of a Display Pallet?

    Easy to store, easy to move ( lightweight ) , clean for shop floors, non splintering

  • What are the most popular Display Pallets that you supply?

    The most popular Display Pallets we sell are 600 x 400mm & 800 x 600mm.

  • Are your Display Pallets made from recycled plastic?

    96% of all our plastic pallets are made from recycled materials, which includes all of our Display Pallets. The remaining 4% of plastic pallets are produced in virgin materials for a number of different reasons including hygienic applications. Learn more about plastic pallet recycling here.

Euro Plastic Pallets

  • What are Euro Plastic Pallets?

    Euro Plastic Pallets have a specified size of 1200mm x 800mm.

    Euro Plastic Pallets are reusable and versatile, making them ideal for shipping and distribution of raw materials and finished goods across Europe and the UK. Available as heavy-duty, medium duty & lightweight, nestable, rackable with non-perimeter and full perimeter, with open and closed decks, talk to us today about your application and we will help find the right solution for your requirements.

  • What is a standard Euro Pallet size?

    The standard Euro Pallet size is 1200mm x 800mm.

  • Are Euro Pallets treated?

    "This is one of the advantages of plastic pallets; they don't need to be heat treated and as such are completely exempt from ISPM 15 Regulations.

    If you are still using wooden euro pallets then they must be heat treated, and have certification to prove this.

    Learn more about ISPM 15 regulations here.

  • What are Euro Pallets generally used for?

    Euro Plastic Pallets are generally used for the distribution and export of products and goods throughout Europe and the UK. They are ideal for closed loop production and often used on the food, retail, print and pharmaceutical industries.

    Learn more about the different types of plastic pallet application here.

  • Are your Euro Pallets made from recycled plastic?

    96% of all our plastic pallets are made from recycled materials. The remaining 4% are produced in virgin materials for a number of different reasons. For example, if the pallet is going to be used in an ultra-hygienic environment, and possibly be in physical contact with food or pharmaceutical products. Learn more about plastic pallet recycling here.

Plastic Pallets - overall

  • What are plastic pallets?

    Plastic pallets are a sustainable and environmentally friendly alternative to wooden pallets, which are an essential part of the supply chain process used in the storage and transportation of goods.

  • What are the benefits of plastic pallets?

    There are many reasons why you can benefit from using plastic pallets over wooden pallets.

    The Top Benefits of Plastic Pallets over Wooden Pallets

    • Environmentally friendly and can be reground to produce new plastic products
    • Designed and customised for your specific application
    • Unrivalled strength and durability
    • 10 times longer lasting
    • Exempt from ISPM 15 regulations as they do not need to be heat treated
    • Hygienic and easy to clean
    • No potential contamination issues
    • Safer manual handling and easy forklift access
    • Weather and chemical resistant making them suitable for indoor and outdoor use in a range of applications
    • A space and cost saving solution

    For more information on how you can benefit from plastic pallets in your supply chain visit our page about the benefits of plastic pallets.

  • How much do plastic pallets cost?

    Our extensive range of plastic pallets are suitable for all types of application and vary in pricing depending on your requirements. To discuss your needs and to obtain a quote visit our online request form or call our team today on +44 (0)1323 744057 or email [email protected].

  • What are the dimensions of a standard UK plastic pallet?

    The standard size of a UK Plastic Pallet is 1200mm x 1000mm. However we offer plastic pallets that are as small as 400mm x 300mm which are designed for point of sale display positioning and could be as large as our 1400mm x 1400mm nestable skid pallets designed specifically for bulk transportation. Take a look at our Plastic Pallets by Size.

  • Can plastic pallets be recycled?

    YES! When the plastic pallet reaches the end of its working life, it can be collected or sent back to us at Go Plastic Pallets. We then return them to our factory in Belgium, where they are ground into plastic pellet granules. They are then formed into new sustainable plastic pallets.

    We guarantee to take full responsibility for recycling the plastic pallets and boxes we supply. To find out more about our plastic pallet recycling and corporate responsibility, take a look at Our Responsibility Policy.

  • What are the different types of plastic pallet?

    There are over 160 different types of plastic pallets available in our range suitable for a wide range of applications. These vary from lightweight and one-trip pallets to nestable, export, euro and hygienic plastic pallets.

  • What sizes do plastic pallets come in?

    Our catalogue of durable pallets ranges from nestable display pallets with dimensions of 400mm x 300mm to the 1400mm x 1400mm sized pallet designed to aid in the transportation of extra large packages. Not sure of the size of plastic pallet you need? Not a problem; simple call us on +44 (0)1323 744057, email [email protected] or fill in our online request a quote form.

  • Why should I switch to plastic pallets?

    Switching to Plastic Pallets not only reduces the impact on our environment but reduces operating costs due to space saving potential to distributors.

    To understand more about the benefits of plastic pallets and why you should switch away from wooden pallets to be more environmentally responsible take a look at Our Responsibility Policy.

  • Why are plastic pallets more cost effective?

    Our range of Plastic Pallets offer a high level of durability, especially when compared to their wooden counterparts. Plastic pallets can last up to 10 years and as such the cost per use decreases and increases efficiency, therefore saving you money and hassle!

  • Why do plastic pallets last longer than wooden pallets?

    The lifespan of a plastic pallet is longer than a wooden pallet alternative as they are less likely to require maintenance, are easier to clean and less susceptible to material degradation. Plastic pallets don't splinter and can be used time and time again. To understand more about wood vs plastic pallet take a look at our 'Leave the wood. Go plastic.' campaign.

  • What is the difference between static and dynamic load?

    A static load is a weight placed upon a pallet and kept at rest whilst a dynamic load is a loaded pallet that is in motion. This helps to understand what weight a pallet can bear whilst being used for storage in a warehouse and being used in the transportation of goods.

  • What is the most suitable plastic pallet for my application?

    For more advice on selecting the correct plastic pallet for your application take a look at our Buyers Guide. Alternatively please call our specialist team on +44 (0)1323 744057 , email [email protected] or fill in our online request a quote form.

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