• Award-winning ‘Magic’ folding box – a multi-trip alternative to one-trip cardboard! has introduced a cost-effective, folding plastic box to its extensive range that offers a multi-trip alternative to the ubiquitous one-trip cardboard box. Manufactured by Gamma-Wopla and available exclusively through in the UK, the Magic Box was recently named ‘Product of the Year 2020’ by leading German logistics magazine materialfluss.
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  • Folding Plastic Pallet Containers 'Moving Mountains' for Parcel Delivery Companies

    Parcel delivery firm Hermes announced last week it is opening 10 new depots in response to continued growing demand for online shopping since lockdown began. As online purchasing boom continues, we here at Goplasticpallets are experiencing increased interest from retailers in our reusable CabCube 1210 sleeve pack system.
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  • How true collaboration and passion for recycling paved the way for the UK plastic pallets market

    CABKA, specialists in products made from recycled plastic, and, the UK’s leading independent supplier of plastic pallets, have paved the way for a healthy, growing plastic pallets market in the UK. This is all as a result of true partnership, mutual trust and a passion for recycling. According to Tim Litjens, CEO at CABKA, it all started from one small truck of pallets, but has increased to huge orders of more than 20K pallets.
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  • The GoPalletBox 1210 Range

    Have you discovered the GoPalletBox 1200 Range? Available in several striking colours, this 1200mm (L) x 1000mm (W) x 760mm (H) pallet container holds a tremendous 610 litres. They are available on 2 or 3 runners, 4 feet or castors, with solid or perforated walls. We're currently holding HUGE stocks of our GoPalletBox 1210 range with more arriving daily. All ready for immediate, next day delivery! Browse the range here.
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  • The Reliable Nestable Plastic Pallet

    No-deal? No problem! Brexit is back on the agenda, but the question remains will the UK secure a trade deal in time? In these times of uncertainty you need a reliable plastic pallet supplier, one that will guarantee your consignments will fly through customs, regardless of a no-deal Brexit.
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  • World Environment Day - A time for nature and for Goplasticpallets to reflect

    Everyone is capable of caring for nature, and Time for Nature is the theme of this year’s World Environment Day (5 June). Even small acts of kindness can have a big impact as British Divers Marine Life Rescue (BDMLR) discovered when donated two of its plastic pallet boxes in the summer of 2012.
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  • Plastic Pallet Sizes - what's right for you?

    There are so many factors to consider when finding the right plastic pallet size for you. Here we give you some food for thought on what is right for you.
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  • Plastic Pallets + Robots = Improved Productivity

    Advances in robotics, like improvements in sensing and gripping technology, also means that robots are now able to take care of even the most intricate and delicate of tasks which was once unthinkable. Jim Hardisty, MD of, explains how together plastic pallets and robotic automation can help improve efficiency, consistency and productivity in the manufacturing sector.
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  • New plastic pallets for New Forest Fruit

    British strawberry picking season has got off to a great start for specialist growers New Forest Fruit thanks to a delivery of 1200 plastic pallets from – The Responsible Plastic Pallet Company.
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  • How nestable pallets in racking can transform your warehouse space

    Whilst unsold goods are piling up in warehouses as the coronavirus crisis cripples consumption, the apparent shortage of wooden pallets is forcing businesses to look for alternative solutions for storing and shipping their goods. According to, The Responsible Plastic Pallet Company, using nestable plastic pallets in racking could be one option. MD Jim Hardisty explains.
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