• What’s next for plastic pallet supplier

    It’s that time of year when many businesses reflect and take stock of the year behind and plan for the year ahead, and is moving into 2019 stronger than ever. Celebrating its 25th year of business this year, has recorded sales in excess of one million plastic pallets, pallet boxes and containers in the last 20 years alone, which reinforces its position as the UK’s largest plastic pallet supplier.
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  • Meet the GoFLC 975-2

    This container is highly used in automotive, engineering, recycling and on production lines thanks to the versatility it offers. The features offered are folding sides means an increased storage space when not in use, loading doors for ease of access, drainage holes, label holder, and lids available.
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  • Top 10 reasons for using returnable transit packaging

    With businesses increasingly looking to improve their environmental credentials, using returnable transit packaging is one way they can become more ‘green’ but the benefits go far beyond just environmental says Jim Hardisty, Managing Director of The plastic debate that has dominated the UK media this last year means that more and more businesses are recognising that they need to significantly reduce their use of single-use plastic and one-trip disposable packaging in favour of multi-use plastic and returnable transit packaging (RTP).
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  • What does the 2018 budget mean for plastic pallets?

    The UK government’s 2018 budget announces plans to introduce a tax on all produced or imported plastic packaging that doesn’t include at least 30% recycled content. This is welcomed by many as single-use plastic continues to cause major problems for our oceans. So what does this mean for plastic pallets?
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  • The UK’s most versatile sleeve pack

    Since its launch almost two years ago,’s CabCube 1210 9F has been purchased and trialled for storing and distributing a wide range of products across multiple industry sectors, with customer feedback suggesting this could be THE most versatile sleeve pack available on the market.
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  • Robotics and Automation Exhibition - 10th & 11th October 2018 Arena MK will be exhibiting at this years Robotics & Automation event in Milton Keynes. We'll be showcasing a selection of our robust pool pallets and RL-KLT containers on stand 550. We hope to see you there!
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  • Plastic beverage pallets cut costs and breakages

    The beverage industry is busier than ever and with that comes the need for faster, more consistent distribution. Plastic pallets have proved that they are more than capable for the job but now we are seeing advances in the way that plastic pallets are made, which is opening doors to further possibilities. Until a few years ago, Heineken used wooden pallets to transport their 50 L kegs around the Netherlands. After suffering recurrent setbacks - such as the wood breaking during automation causing a halt to the production line - they decided enough was enough.
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  • consolidates plastic pallet and container partnership has signed a new partnership agreement with Belgium-based manufacturers Smart-Flow and Gamma-Wopla which secures the company sole UK distribution rights for their entire ranges of plastic pallets and small containers. This partnership renewal cements’s position as the UK’s largest independent supplier, which now stocks in excess of 12,000 plastic pallets and pallet boxes and more than 5,000 small containers, crates and trays.
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  • Don’t ditch the plastic!

    Jim Hardisty, Managing Director of speaks out about his concern over the media attacks on plastic and why he feels more needs to be done to regain public confidence in plastic. This anti-plastic rhetoric running through the media and abundance of ‘ditch the plastic’ and ‘plastic free’ campaigns has completely crowded out the important role plastic plays in our everyday life. And most infuriating of all is that many of these campaigns do little to distinguish between good ‘reusable’ and bad ‘single-use’ plastic.
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  • Large Scale Plastic Pallet Box Delivery has just completed one of its most challenging pallet box deliveries to date, delivering a whopping 19,750 plastic pallet boxes to Europe’s leading manufacturer of own label premium dry pet foods
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