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  • Our range of Folding Large Containers just got larger - but are still optimising your valuable space!

    Folding large containers (FLCs) are designed to optimise your supply chain; protecting the cargo they are carrying, saving space and reducing transportation costs by folding flat when empty.
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  • Biennial recycling scheme stats reinforce the longevity of plastic pallets

    Two years after launching its pioneering plastic pallet recycling scheme, – The Responsible Plastic Pallet Company has revealed some interesting statistics that reinforce the longevity of its recyclable plastic pallets! Since launching the scheme in February 2019, has received tremendous support and praise from its customers for being the first plastic pallet supplier to act on recycling unused and retired plastic pallets and boxes. Yet uptake to the scheme remains relatively low, at just 0.56% of the company’s customer base.
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  • Are you still using cardboard? Think outside the box!

    Lockdown and Brexit have contributed to a shortage of cardboard boxes, which has seen retailers being forced to find alternatives to their usual packaging material. Increases in home shopping driven by lockdown has meant a dramatic increase in online ordering, which has then had a knock on effect in the demand for cardboard packaging. Add Brexit into the mix and you have the perfect storm. We've seen a huge surge in enquiries from companies looking for alternatives to the usual cardboard boxes.
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  • PM Boris Johnson spotted with our Plastic Pallets!

    Boris was recently pictured on Sky News at a pharmaceutical production site with plastic pallets from in the background. This pallet has been trusted with transporting one of the vital ingredients that make up the second COVID-19 vaccine.
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  • Plastic pallets and the Covid response

    Jim Hardisty explores the logistical challenges of distributing the Covid vaccine, how has been supporting the Covid response and why selecting the right pallet for your application is crucial.
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  • Plastic pallets support COVID response across the globe

    Plastic pallets from UK market leader were recently given one of their most important tasks to date – supporting the production of the second COVID-19 vaccine across several continents. was approached in October by a leading international pharmaceutical provider with an urgent request for a plastic Euro pallet on five runners. This is not a standard plastic pallet, in fact the specification is very rare, however not too rare for the UK’s plastic pallet experts!
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  • Plastic Pallets streamlines automation systems for major high street department store

    As you'd expect from the plastic pallet experts, we have worked with a plethora of well known high street retailers. They come to us because they know that we have the knowledge and experience to create solutions to streamline their logistics, automation and storage operations.
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  • Frequently Asked Questions about Euro Pallets

    The applications and uses for euro plastic pallets are endless but the majority are being used for the import and export of goods across Europe. But how do you know that a Euro pallet is going to fit with your requirements? Browse some of the more frequently asked questions about Euro pallets or talk to us directly by calling +44 (0)1323 744057 or emailing [email protected]
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  • January: It's a numbers game!

    As January draws to a close, we wanted to reflect on all that we have accomplished, despite COVID and Brexit. It's been a busy month, but here it is in numbers.
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