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  • Plastic pallets: A vital part of any automated system

    From managing stock inventory and facilitating storage and retrieval to optimising the dispatch of goods, today’s warehouses are required to perform tasks faster and smarter than ever before 24/7/365. Automating a warehouse enables repetitive tasks to be completed more efficiently and with greater accuracy. Since launching in 2001, has been at the forefront of helping warehouses grow and become more efficient. Its reliable and reusable plastic pallets are integral to today’s warehouse and offer the best combination of durability, choice, and cost. Managing Director Jim Hardisty explains why plastic pallets are the only choice when it comes to automation.
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  • The Ultimate 'Reconfigurable' Pallet Box

    We give you the simplest and most cost effective way of producing a 'reconfigurable' Euro Size pallet box. Ideal for the distribution of car parts throughout Europe and ISPM15 exempt.
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  •'s new small container is perfect for automation

    The UK’s leading supplier of plastic pallets, pallet boxes, and containers,, is adding a new plastic container, perfect for e-commerce automation, to its impressive range. From Thursday 1st September, customers will be able to order the GoSmartEuro container, a sleek, smooth-sided container with a reinforced solid base available in 600x400mm, 400x300mm and 300x200mm footprints and four different heights from 120mm to 405mm.
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  • Think outside the box with our Euro Boxes

    Our wide range of Euro stacking boxes provide added protection when distributing smaller items across sectors. These clever boxes can be modified to add dividers for dunnage and can stack to save you space in transportation as well as storage of goods.
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  • To tax or not to tax plastic RTP? Making sense of the Plastic Packaging Tax

    The UK Plastic Packaging Tax (PPT) came into effect on 1st April 2022 as a means to reduce plastic waste. Companies will be taxed for any packaging containing less than 30% recycled plastic, and the Government hopes this will drive the use of recycled material and eliminate single-use plastic. While the tax started out with the very best intention, it has grown into something much bigger than anyone could have predicted, and quite frankly, has left many businesses scratching their heads trying to figure it out.
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  • Go the distance with our KLT boxes

    Our KLT automotive plastic boxes are specifically designed for the storage and distribution of car parts. Solid and stackable, they are ideal for transportation as well as warehouse storage.
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  • The Fastest Turnaround

    Not only are we the experts and the responsible plastic pallet company, we also pride ourselves on delivering quality products as quickly as possible. When a customer called last week, we knew what they needed.
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  • Folding Large Containers In Stock for Immediate Delivery

    The GoFLCs are foldable, durable, ideal for transportation and storage of goods across sectors. Two drop doors as standard, the GoFLC 960 folds down to 354mm and the GoFLC 980 to 317mm when not in use. If you are looking for a long lasting solution to your demanding logistics then the GoFLCs offer everything you need to get from A to B and back again.
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  • Realising the true value of plastic pallets

    The primary purpose of packaging is to protect goods during storage or transit. Here, Jim Hardisty, Managing Director of explains how plastic pallets, pallet boxes, containers, trays, and crates not only provide ultimate protection for goods, but how they are a reliable, reusable, and hygienic packaging solution.
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