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  • – The Responsible Plastic Pallet Company to debut at IntraLogisteX

    We will be exhibiting at IntraLogisteX for the first time this July with a variety of our long lasting, recyclable plastic pallets and pallet boxes, as well as a selection of our versatile Euro and stack and nest crates on stand 214. In this Q&A, Dan Starnes our Sales Manager gives an insight into his long career with and reveals some of our latest product developments.
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  • 10 Pallet Firsts in 20 Years

    Achieving an industry first is a major accomplishment for a business; it demonstrates innovation, leadership and can help position a company as an expert in their field. In the UK pallet industry, plastic pallet experts, have not just achieved one industry first but many during the company’s 20 years in business. In this article, we share 10 pallet firsts is most proud of.
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  • Plastic pallet boxes provide perfect storage solution for GA’s £80m automated facility

    By early June, will have delivered a massive 24,750 plastic pallet boxes to GA Pet Food Partners for use in its £80m Ingredients Kitchen – a new, fully automated dark store warehouse operated solely by robots.
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  • A perfect match

    When was approached by a world leading manufacturer of construction and mining equipment, who was looking for a solution to replace its existing wooden pallets and collars, the UK’s plastic pallet experts were able to offer the perfect match!
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  • Are you ready to embrace the digital warehouse of the future?

    Steve Penney, Key Account Manager at explores the digitisation of the warehouse and the growing need to embrace new technologies, including IoT and ‘connected’ plastic pallets. I have seen with my own eyes that as digital technology advances and warehouses continue to evolve, there is an even greater adoption of automated technology and this year will certainly be no exception.
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  • Plastic pallet experts celebrate 20 years

    At HQ there is good reason to celebrate as The Responsible Plastic Pallet Company has achieved 20 years in business. And what a long way they have come since 2001! From humble beginnings with a team of just five has grown exponentially over the last 20 years, securing exclusive supplier agreements with some of Europe’s leading manufacturers to offer the largest, most diverse product range available in the UK.
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  • 19 years of ISPM15 and what the regulation means for the UK!

    On 1st January 2021 it became a legal requirement for all wood packaging material moving in both directions between the UK and the EU to be correctly treated and marked to certify compliance to the International Standard for Phytosanitary Measures No 15. Although a new post-Brexit rule for the UK, ISPM15 is by no means a new regulation; in fact, next year will mark 20 years since it was first introduced! In this article we look back at the history of ISPM15, why it was introduced, the reasons why so many countries have implemented the regulation and what ISPM15 means for the UK.
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  • Plastic pallet prices remain stable as wooden pallet prices soar!

    It might sound like déjà vu, but the price of new wooden pallets is expected to soar a further 18% this month, on top of the 18% rise we saw in January. Continued pressure on the availability of timber and issues with log felling licenses in Ireland have been cited as the main reasons for the nearly 40% price increase according to a letter from a major supplier of wood packaging material.
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  • Are your pallets export compliant?

    Post-Brexit trade rules mean that all wooden pallets carrying goods between the UK and EU must now be heat treated and certified in accordance with ISPM15 regulations to avoid being rejected at the borders. This coupled with the dwindling availability of timber and continuing price rise of wooden pallets is causing a major headache for firms. Jim Hardisty, Managing Director of explains.
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