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  • Plastic pallets help retailers keep up with the boom in online sales

    Over the last decade, e-commerce has grown rapidly. In 2020, e-commerce sales totalled £111 billion in the UK, and accounted for 27.6% of total retail sales, up from £75 billion (19.2% of retail sales) in 2019. The global Covid-19 pandemic, Brexit, and a skills shortage have been catalysts for even quicker growth in the last two years. To keep up with this demand, many retailers have increased the level of automation in their operations – in both their warehouses and for distribution – to improve the speed and efficiency of deliveries. 
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  • Reduce your CO2 emissions and create a sustainable supply chain

    With the UN Climate Change Conference (COP26) days away, our thoughts have returned to our Responsibility Policy. Since launching our plastic pallet recycling scheme in 2019 we have recycled 793 tonnes of plastic and our commitment to creating responsible supply chains has not waivered
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  • The benefits of automating palletising with robots and plastic pallets

    For many years manual labour and conventional systems have been the method of choice for palletising goods, but modern manufacturing is causing a shift. With the growing demand for faster, more efficient and cost effective production lines, manufacturers are shifting away from conventional palletising methods, turning instead to robotic palletising solutions. In this article, our plastic pallet experts at explain the many benefits of automating palletising with industrial robots and plastic pallets and illustrate the process in this neat video, courtesy of RARUK Automation.
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  • Immediate logistics solutions, whilst saving money & the planet

    Need a reliable logistics solution now? Worried about your bottom line? Concerned about your business's impact on the planet? It's time to switch to plastic pallets!!
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  • How to ensure your plastic pallets are fit for purpose

    Most people have experienced the disappointment of being mis-sold a product or service at some time in their lives, whether they have fallen victim to false advertising or sloppy advice. But in some industries, the consequences of being mis-sold to can be catastrophic. In the pallet industry, being sold the wrong pallet for your application can not only be costly; it can cause irreparable damage if it is not fit for purpose and, in the worst case, injury to operatives. In this article, the plastic pallet experts at share one customer scenario which highlights why it is essential to seek expert advice to ensure the pallets you buy are the perfect match for your application.
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  • Challenge Us!

    How much do you spend on wooden pallets a year? Challenge us to save you money when you switch to our low priced, space saving nestable pallets!
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  • A perfect match

    When was approached by a world leading manufacturer of construction and mining equipment, who was looking for a solution to replace its existing wooden pallets and collars, the UK’s plastic pallet experts were able to offer the perfect match!
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  • Plastic Pallet Product Focus: APB 1210 Pool 5R

    The APB 1210 Pool 5R Pallet is one of the most popular pallets in our range; used across automation systems to efficiently keep supply chains moving whilst it can also generating income! What more could you want?
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  • Plastic Pallets, Birds of Prey and Reaching Mars...Why 2001 was a Year to Remember!

    Take yourself back 20 years to the year 2001. The year Apple introduced its first ever iPod, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone was the biggest movie blockbuster, Will & Grace was the top sitcom and a pint of milk cost just 36p! For plastic pallet experts, 2001 was the year we were founded but it also marked an industry first – as we were the first (and only) wooden pallet supplier to successfully transition to plastic pallets. 20 years on, we’re reflecting on how far we’ve come and looking back at some of the other great UK achievements from 2001!
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