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Which plastic pallet size is right for you? Why choose plastic pallets over wooden pallets? It is all here in bite-sized articles.

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  • How are plastic pallets made?

    96% of our plastic pallets are made from recycled materials. The materials we recycle include plastic pallets and boxes that have come to the end of their life and household waste like plastic bottles. All of the plastic is collected and ground down into plastic granules, which are then moulded into plastic pallets.
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  • What are plastic pallets?

    If you are wondering what plastic pallets are, then you have come to the right place. When it comes to...
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  • demonstrates the cost benefits of returnable plastic boxes versus cardboard boxes

    In support of European Supply Chain Day (today 21st April) – which Kevin Richardson, Chief Executive of the CILT expects to be the biggest and best event yet – has created an infographic to educate logistics professionals about the significant cost savings they can achieve by switching from using cardboard boxes to returnable plastic boxes.

    Jim Hardisty, Managing Director of, said: "We decided to support European Supply Chain Day this year to help raise awareness of the logistics and supply chain profession, which in my opinion deserves a lot more recognition. Continue reading
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  •’s food crates keep going for longer

    Reusable plastic crates are fundamental for storing, transporting and distributing perishable goods from the producer to the retailer, but have you ever questioned whether the type of plastic crates you use offer maximum return on investment?’s range of food crates that stack and nest provide all the advantages of traditional bale arm crates, but with the huge additional benefit of offering a prolonged life span. Continue reading
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