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  • Pallet rental: Are you getting added value?

    Renting versus buying plastic pallets has been a long-debated topic. When sourcing a plastic pallet, the decision to rent or buy is one of the most important decisions a business has to make, as the outcome can significantly impact your bottom line. Yet so many times we see businesses choosing the rental option, where buying plastic pallets makes much better financial sense.
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  • Increasing automation levels in retail

    Jim Hardisty, Managing Director of shares one of the company’s latest large-scale automation projects, which illustrates how the ever evolving retail industry is pushing the design boundaries of both automation and storage solutions. Over the last six months our world has changed rapidly, as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. One of the most dramatic changes has been to the retail sector. Whilst high street sales have dwindled, online retailers have seen and continue to see exceptional growth.
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  • Calling out COVID - An Open Letter from Jim Hardisty

    It’s been eight months since I wrote my initial ‘open letter’. A lot has changed in that time and a lot has, in many ways, remained the same. It’s hard to put into words what the last eight months have been like for us as a business, as a team and for each of us personally. I don’t think that any of us imagined that we would still be here, in this strange ‘groundhog day’, adapting to ‘new normals’ as the world still turns and the weather gets colder.
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  • Why stockpile wooden pallets when plastic pallets can bridge the gap?

    Jim Hardisty, MD of has spoken out following the announcement this weekend that the UK is rushing to stockpile enough heat treated wooden pallets for exporters to the EU from January. The question Jim raises, is why stockpile wooden pallets when plastic pallets can bridge the gap? So, what is the story and where do we stand?
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  • Are your pallets post-Brexit ready?

    If your business relies on imports and exports between the UK and the EU, then you need to be prepared for post-Brexit Britain.
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  • puts the nation’s Recycling knowledge to the test

    To mark this year’s Recycle Week (21-27 September), – The Responsible Plastic Pallet Company – has created a challenging quiz to test the nation’s recycling knowledge. What are the 3 R’s of recycling? Which country has the best recycling rate? Which type of packaging emits the least greenhouse gases? Test your recycling knowledge and take the quiz here.
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  • The Plastic Pallet Online Shop!

    Now you can buy a selection of plastic pallets online in our exclusive shop. Our online shop offers a diverse selection of plastic pallets across our entire range from lightweight nestables and export pallets through to heavy duty pool pallets and specialist hygienic varieties. Each product is available to purchase online from a half stack up to five full stacks. You can pay by credit card or apply online for a credit account. We are also offering FREE UK Mainland delivery and all products are guaranteed to be with you within 3 working days!
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  • Go Hail Plastics!

    Jim Hardisty, managing director of – the Responsible Plastic Pallet Company, explains why we need to stop demonising plastics but rather celebrate those who are innovating with this wondrous material, just when our country needs it the most!
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  • Pest infested wood packaging highlights fragility of wood supply chain

    Pest infested wood packaging material sent from Portugal via Spain and France has been intercepted by the Forestry Commission who is urging those working in the WPM industry and their customers to be vigilant. “This once again highlights the fragility of the wood supply chain”, says Jim Hardisty, Managing Director of
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  • Pushing the boundaries of automation with plastic pallets

    Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, ecommerce has seen huge growth. As shoppers abandon the high street for the electronic super highway, ecommerce in the UK is now worth an estimated £205 billion. That's an increase of almost 11% compared to 2019! Retailers are now having to change their business models, to strengthen their online proposition.
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