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  • HSS Live: Steve Penney on Plastic RTP and the Circular Supply Chain - Watch Now!

    Steve Penney, UK Key Account Sales Manager here at recently spoke at the HSS Live Conference on Plastic RTP and the Circular Supply Chain. For those of you looking to make your automation and supply chains more cost efficient, sustainable and environmentally responsible, Steve's short seminar covers all the reasons why it's time to rethink your packaging! Watch the 'on demand' video from the event here!
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  • Warehouses Are Smart: Are You?

    Warehouses are growing. From the horrea of Ancient Rome (yes, really; the Romans invented warehousing) to the billions of square feet we currently dedicate to warehouse space in the UK, it’s safe to say that the sector is growing at an exponential rate. Consumer habits show an uptick in online shopping, unlikely to change even in a post-Covid environment, meaning that not only do warehouses need to continue their physical growth, they also need to strengthen from a technological perspective to cope with the logistical pressure of the online shopping revolution.
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  • Sleeve Pack or Folding Large Container? Which is Right for My Business?

    The primary purpose of plastic transit packaging is to protect goods during storage or distribution, which is why plastic pallet boxes are the gold standard option — offering excellent cargo protection. Equally, folding plastic boxes are a reliable, robust, hygienic and infinitely recyclable choice for both storage and transportation; but if return space is a consideration and you need a folding box, you may struggle to choose between Sleeve Packs and folding large containers (FLCs). In this blog our experts at break down the advantages of both.
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  • Reasons it's time to switch from wooden pallets to plastic pallets

    As The Responsible Plastic Pallet Company we are on a mission to create sustainable and environmentally conscious supply chains. 96% of the plastic pallets that we produce are made from recycled plastic and we take responsibility for every plastic pallet, box and container we supply, ensuring that every product is recycled at the end of it's long life. But what are the other reasons to switch to our plastic pallets?
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  • The Ultimate Sleeve Packs

    The CabCube© 2.0 and 3.0 are multi-purpose, folding large containers with a huge storage capacity. Made specifically for the automotive industry, these innovative sleeve packs make light work of the storage and distribution of large volume goods safely and cost-effectively.
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  • launches new low-cost dispatch pallet with green credentials

    Using pallets is the most effective way to pick and dispatch goods and packages to fulfilment centres, but not any pallet will do. Performing this important task requires a strong, reliable pallet capable of performing multiple trips – and for the environmentally-conscious, a pallet that can be recycled at the end of its lifespan.
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  • The benefits of automating palletising with robots and plastic pallets

    For many years manual labour and conventional systems have been the method of choice for palletising goods, but modern manufacturing is causing a shift. With the growing demand for faster, more efficient and cost effective production lines, manufacturers are shifting away from conventional palletising methods, turning instead to robotic palletising solutions. In this article, our plastic pallet experts at explain the many benefits of automating palletising with industrial robots and plastic pallets and illustrate the process in this neat video, courtesy of RARUK Automation.
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  • Register for Goplasticpallets 30-minute digital seminar at HSS Live!

    Our UK Key Account Sales Manager, Steve Penney, will be hosting a 30-minute seminar at the Handling Storage Solution Live Digital Conference this October 6th. Steve will be talk about 'Plastic RTP and the circular supply chain'. The focus is on how today’s fast paced supply chains is putting manufacturers under constant pressure to improve the efficiency, accuracy and productivity of their operations while driving forward their sustainability goals.
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  • Bringing E-commerce Home… in a Plastic Pallet

    E-commerce in the UK is growing: manufacturers are progressively leaning towards a more home-grown image and, coupled with the trials of Brexit, this calls for an increase in UK-based distribution centres, along with vaster spaces, an increase in automated processes, and reliable and durable transit packaging.
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