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  • Immediate logistics solutions, whilst saving money & the planet

    Need a reliable logistics solution now? Worried about your bottom line? Concerned about your business's impact on the planet? It's time to switch to plastic pallets!!
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  • Eco-conscious Pallet Company’s Initiative Demonstrates the Life-Cycle of Sustainable Pallets

    We have added an educational Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) section to their existing website, revealing the company’s innovative processes and sustainable policies with the aim of educating purchasers into opting for ethical, environmentally friendly and financially viable products.
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  • A vote for us is a vote for the planet!

    We have been nominated for the Environmental & Sustainability award in the Food Processing Awards 2021! Here's why we are in the running.
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  • Why we are The Responsible Plastic Pallet Company

    Since launching the UK pallet industry's first plastic pallet recycling scheme we have recycled 760 tonnes of plastic. That's 190 truck loads! This year, so far, we have recycled 95 tonnes, taking responsibility for every plastic pallet, pallet box, small container, crate and tray we supply. This means that none of the products that we supply end up in landfill. Instead they are part of a closed loop product line.
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  • How to ensure your plastic pallets are fit for purpose

    Most people have experienced the disappointment of being mis-sold a product or service at some time in their lives, whether they have fallen victim to false advertising or sloppy advice. But in some industries, the consequences of being mis-sold to can be catastrophic. In the pallet industry, being sold the wrong pallet for your application can not only be costly; it can cause irreparable damage if it is not fit for purpose and, in the worst case, injury to operatives. In this article, the plastic pallet experts at share one customer scenario which highlights why it is essential to seek expert advice to ensure the pallets you buy are the perfect match for your application.
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  • Challenge Us!

    How much do you spend on wooden pallets a year? Challenge us to save you money when you switch to our low priced, space saving nestable pallets!
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  • “THE” Plastic Pallet for Automation

    As digital technology advances and warehouses continue to evolve there is an even greater adoption of automated technology and that is only set to continue. Businesses that embrace these innovations can enjoy a strong advantage as moving to an automated way of working can lead to greater accuracy, operational efficiencies, and increased productivity. In this blog, we explore how automation is transforming our modern warehouses and explain why we believe our APB 1210 Pool Pallet available on 3 or 5 runners and with an open or fully closed deck is “THE” plastic pallet of choice for automated handling scenarios.
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  • Plastic Pallets in pole position at Goodwood Festival of Speed

    Last week our heavy-duty plastic pallets were on show at Goodwood Festival of Speed. Not being raced around the hair-pins but instead put through their paces by being used to display all of the electric vehicles, demonstrating their extreme durability! We are ALWAYS in Pole Position!
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  • launches CabCube® 3.0, a new foldable large container, The Responsible Plastic Pallet Company, has launched a new, multi-purpose folding large container (FLC) in the UK – the CabCube® 3.0, which comes with a range of innovative features.
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