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  • double stock with move to new site

    The UK’s fastest growing pallet company,, have doubled their warehousing capacity and created purpose-built offices with a move to a new site at their location in Eastbourne on the South Coast.

    With more than 10,000 sq feet of warehouse space, the site will house the widest range of pallets held in stock by any company in the UK. Continue reading
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  • Battle with Bacteria

    Plastic pallets mean business in battle with bacteria and bugs

    Recent safety scares have shaken up the biggest names in food manufacturing and retail, forcing them into costly product recalls and undermining customer confidence. Despite increased legislation, events over the last months reveal that there can be no let up in the battle to ensure food production is safe. MD of goplasticpallets, Jim Hardisty, believes hygienic pallets are starting to play an important part.

    "Health and safety has never been so high on the commercial agenda. Although the EU are regularly introducing new hygiene laws which affect all food businesses including caterers, primary producers, manufacturers, distributors and retailers, problems still occur even though standards have never been higher. Continue reading
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  • Creating cost efficiencies in a closed loop

    In a closed loop, plastic pallets improve a company's financial health as well as contributing to a cleaner and healthier environment. The UK's fastest-growing plastic pallet company,, are increasing their range of highly durable pallets to satisfy demand for products that offer a serious return on investment.

    The economic argument is undoubtedly persuasive. Advanced new plastics are increasingly light in weight but have the added strength of being made in a single mould, giving plastic a life span of ten to fifteen years in a tough closed loop environment. Meanwhile, wooden pallets weakened through everyday use, weathering and overloading, last just eighteen months on average. Continue reading
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  • Pallets make a move on British shop floors

    Some industry watchers predict that the art of shelf stacking could be threatened as more and more British retailers move towards displaying palletized goods on the shop floor

    They've been doing it on the continent for years. Now retailers throughout the UK are also identifying the benefits of being able to get produce or product palletised by the supplier and in front of the customer without the need for handling. Not surprisingly, this is a system which can rapidly speed up stocking and improve the bottom line. Continue reading
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  • Jim Hardisty talks to Handling & Storage Solutions Magazine

    When Jim Hardisty and his business partner first set up their company supplying pallets, it was the wooden version that dominated the market, with plastic pallets confined mainly to the newspaper and flour industries. Now, 12 years on All Pallets has a specialist division solely for the supply of plastic pallets, which operates under the name And, while plastic pallets are still vastly out numbered by the wooden product overall, they can now be found across a growing range of applications as more and more industry sectors are switched on to the benefits of going plastic. Continue reading
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  • New pool pallets create splash in expanding UK market

    British businesses are increasingly following the lead of their counterparts in continental Europe by establishing pallet pools in an effort to cut costs and be more competitive. Jim Hardisty, MD of, the UK’s fastest growing supplier of plastic pallets, has witnessed the trend..

    “We are getting increasing numbers of enquiries for pool pallets but buyers are also looking hard for realistic prices,” says Hardisty who has seen demand for plastic pallets overall double in less than 12 months. Continue reading
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  • Closer relationship with IPS bears fruit

    Since being appointed sole agent for IPS in the UK, is starting to see benefit in terms of exciting new pallets to be released over the next few months.

    The first of these will be an extremely robust 800mm x 600 mm pallet designed to withstand prolonged and repeated heavy use. It is particular suitable for use in the retail food sector. Continue reading
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  • Appointed by Innova Packaging Systems of Ieper, Belgium as their exclusive UK Agent is set to increase its 50-strong product range thanks to an exclusive agreement struck with top Belgian manufacturer Innova Packaging Systems (IPS). The deal has resulted in becoming the company's sole agent in the UK.

    Managing Director Jim Hardisty and his team have been working closely with the business based in Ieper. "We are very impressed with the way Innova operates. They really understand the market and can respond rapidly to fulfil our customers' needs." Continue reading
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