Plastic Pallet Recycling

Plastic Pallet Recycling

We are leading the way in recycling plastic pallets and boxes in the UK.

As an Accredited Exporter of plastic packaging waste we can help our customers, and the environment, by collecting back the plastic pallets and boxes we supply at the end of their long use and professionally recycling them so they don’t end up in landfill – or our world’s oceans!

Our aim is to recycle 350 tonnes in 2020 after recycling 250 tonnes in 2019.

Find out how our plastic pallets and boxes are recycled, what other types of plastic packaging we can recycle and why you should choose plastic pallets and boxes over alternatives.

Why are the plastic pallets recycled in Belgium?

Recycling our plastic pallets in Belgium we control exactly where the materials are going.

We can guarantee that the plastic pallets are correctly recycled at a fully licensed facility, which we also monitor through regular visits.

Working with our partners in Belgium, we can ensure that our plastic pallets are recycled into new plastic pallets, creating a continuous recycling loop!

Our factory in Belgium is one of only three in Europe with a pallet recycling facility adjacent to the manufacturing plant and is also the closest one to the UK.

Returning the pallets to our Belgian factory, also ensures we know which plastics are being used to create the next wave of high standard long life plastic pallets.

Why are the plastic pallets recycled in Belgium?

Why do you create plastic pallets outside of the UK?

The infrastructure and expertise required to produce heavy duty long lasting plastic pallets does not currently exist in the UK, whereas companies in Belgium, France, Germany and Holland, do have the expertise and have invested in their factories over the last twenty years, as they foresaw the rapid growth in demand for plastic pallets.

For us, this means easy access to a wealth of expertise and production facilities, just a few hours from our office.

Can all of your plastic pallets and boxes be recycled?

Yes. We are proud to say that all of our pallets, boxes and containers can be recycled.

In fact, we offer a recycling guarantee which promises to take back any products you no longer require and recycle them for you. Find out more about our Plastic Pallet Collection & Distribution Service or simply email us [email protected] or call +44 (0)1323 744057.

Can all of your plastic pallets and boxes be recycled?

Why plastic pallets and not wooden?

Cleaner, safer and more economic, we believe returnable plastic transit packaging is the superior choice for your supply chain.

Whether its plastic pallets, pallet boxes or small containers, just some of the benefits of going plastic, include:

  • Designed for the application
  • 100% size and strength consistency
  • 10 times more durable than wooden pallets
  • Maximum return on investment
  • Recyclable, environmentally friendly
  • Exempt from ISPM15 regulations
  • Safer manual handling - no nails or splinters
  • Suitable for hygienic areas
  • Easy to wash and keep clean
  • No mould or dust contamination issues
  • Impervious to moisture, weak acids and alkalis
  • Space and cost-saving
  • Customisable

In terms of the environment, using plastic pallets in a recycled loop means we are reducing the need to cut down trees which take years to grow back and cause major deforestation. Now is a crucial time to be preserving our forests to halt the effects of climate change.

Why plastic pallets and not wooden?

Why aren't all your products made from recycled plastic?

Whilst 96% of our plastic pallets are made from recycled materials, the remaining 4% are produced in virgin material for a number of reasons.

If the pallet is going to be used in an ultra-hygienic environment, and possibly be in physical contact with food or pharmaceutical products, then a virgin material is recommended.

The colour of the pallet is another factor that needs to be considered. Recycled material normally produces a dark grey, almost black colour, but with virgin materials, the colour options are limitless, and under some circumstances, perhaps where the colour of the pallet is being used to identify and quarantine allergens like peanuts in a food factory, the benefit of using virgin materials becomes obvious…

Reference: An analysis of the pallets arriving into our stock during a defined period in late 2018, showed 33636 pallet arriving of which 32305 (96.04%) were produced in recycled materials.