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Pallets by Style

Pallets by Style

Search our entire range of more than 155 different plastic pallets by style. Alternatively you can search by Pallet Size.

Display Pallets

Our Display Pallets are ideal for point of sale retail applications.

Nestable Pallets

Nestable pallets are ideal for light load applications with evenly spread loads of up to 1,000kg.

Export Pallets

Lightweight pallets designed to provide economic solutions for one trip applications.

Non Perimeter Pallets

Ideal for general use and racking applications. They work particularly well with pallet trucks and mechanical handling systems.

Full Perimeter Pallets

Ideal for most applications providing maximum strength for racking and pool applications. They work well with most types of mechanical handling systems.

Hygienic Pallets

Completely sealed with smooth surfaces these pallets are designed to meet the stringent requirements of food and pharmaceutical applications.

Spill Control Pallets

Spill control pallets are specially designed to contain leaks and spillages so they are ideal for the safe storage and transportation of liquids and hazardous substances.

Medium Duty Pallets

Medium duty pallets offer an economical solution for handling and storing moderate weight loads.

Heavy Duty Pallets

Heavy duty pallets are incredibly strong, long lasting and suitable for repeated use.

All Plastic Pallets

Browse our entire range of more than 155 different plastic pallets. Alternatively you can search by Pallet Size or Pallet Style.