Selecting a Plastic Pallet or Box

One of the benefits of choosing plastic pallets, pallet boxes or plastic small containers is the wide range of products to choose from. However, with so many options available, it can be difficult to know which product is the right one for you and your application.

We've created this simple overview of the different level of strengths, product styles, key features and optional extras available to aid your pallet selection process. For more advice, call our specialist team or read our top tips for choosing the right plastic pallet for your requirements.

Optional Plastic Pallets Pallet Boxes Small Containers
Static Load Maximum weight the pallet can withstand when placed on a solid, level surface. Up to 10,000kg Up to 7,000kg (max. stack load) Up to 500kg (max. stack load)
Dynamic Load Maximum weight the pallet can accommodate when being moved by a forklift. Up to 2,000kg Up to 1,000kg Up to 50kg
Racking Load Maximum weight the pallet can accept in racking. Up to 2,000kg Up to 1,000kg N/A
Product StyleThe type of plastic pallet, pallet box or container available. Nestable, Display, Medium duty, Heavy duty, Hygienic, Non-perimeter (three runners), Full perimeter (five or six runners) Rigid
Colour *Colour availability is subject to order quantity Black and grey,
blue, red,
green, yellow,
white, beige*
Black and grey, blue, red, green, yellow, white, beige* Black and grey, blue, red, green, yellow, white, beige*
Pallet Deck or Box Structure Type Open deck or perforated container walls: Allow water drainage when wet, better airflow and easier manual handling <br/ > Closed deck or solid container walls: Superior hygiene and easier to clean Open deck
semi-open deck
closed deck
Solid or perforated Solid or perforated
Optional lips The majority of plastic pallets come with 6mm lips as standard, although in many cases these are optional. Yes
Standard 6mm high
22mm lips available on automotive pallet

Plastic pallets are usually manufactured from either Virgin or recycled HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) or PP (Polypropylene).

The material is usually dependent upon the proposed application. Virgin materials are recommended for hygienic use or high performance. They are also more attractive, however recycled materials offer a more economic and environmentally friendly alternative.

HDPE offers good shock absorbing performance, even in very low temperatures.

PP Retains it's robust structure at higher temperatures, providing excellent performance on racking.

Recycled and virgin:
(Polyethylene terephtalate)
Recycled and virgin:
and virgin:
Operating temperature Pallet loading capacities and performance can be adversely affected when used in extreme temperatures. As there are so many variables involved, make sure to state that your pallets will be used in extreme operating temperatures. Temperature guides are subject to load.

HDPE (and PE): -30°C to +40°C 

Can be cleaned at up to +80°C

PP: -20°C to +60°C

PO: must be kept dry

ESD Options available N/A N/A
Anti-slip surfaces In some exceptional circumstances, anti-slip surfaces may be required to reduce product movement. Optional addition on some pallets N/A N/A
Optional additions All additions are subject to order quantity Screen Printing
Custom colours
Clip-on runners
Optional pallet lips
Screen and Hot Die Printing
Label holder
Custom colours
Suitable lid
Screen and Hot Die printing
Thermal Transfer
Label holder
Custom colours
Suitable lid
Ticket clips