Full Perimeter Plastic Pallets

These full perimeter plastic pallets are a superior choice for automation and repeated use. As such, this makes them the most widely used type of pallet.

Suitable for use in most applications that require maximum strength, such as in racking and closed loop applications.

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Key information: Full perimeter plastic pallets

Key features:

– Rigid top deck on a full-perimeter base offering a strong and hardwearing alternative to traditional wooden pallets and a long working life.
– Manufactured from recycled or virgin plastic.
– Available in different sizes.
– Available with open or closed top deck.
– Coloured black as standard.
– Colour options available in virgin materials.
– Options include edge lips, RFID inserts and screen printed ID.

Key benefits:

Reusable – strong, rigid structure and designed for long term repeated use.
Rackable – full perimeter base allows easy racking in either direction with rackable loads generally up to 1250kg.
Automation – 100% dimensional accuracy makes well suited for automated systems.