The Life Cycle of a Plastic Pallet

Our recycled plastic pallets started life as old pallets, crates or pallet boxes that are no longer needed or usable and other recyclable plastic from a known source such as Polypropylene milk container caps.

These old products are collected, cleaned and all of the material is “chopped” into plastic pellets or granules. The pellets are then moulded back into a plastic pallet and delivered to the customer.

These pallets are incredibly strong and durable and have full specification and performance characteristics. They conform to the accepted standards of material and H&S Recycled plastic pallets can last around 10 years in normal use.

When the recycled pallet reaches the end of its working life it is collected or sent again back to, who then sends the pallet to our manufacturing partner’s factory in Belgium, where the process is repeated.

This is how we create a sustainable closed-loop manufacturing process, which makes us “The Responsible Plastic Pallet Company”.

Explore all aspects of our Responsibility Policy and Promise in this section.

The lifecycle of a plastic pallet

93% of our plastic pallets are made from 100% recycled polymers. We utilise the latest technology to create recycled plastic pallets and plastic boxes that meet all industry standards and are internationally renowned for their strength and durability.