The Ultimate Guide to Plastic Pallets, Pallet Boxes and Containers

With so much choice when it comes to selecting the best product for the job, we’ve created The Ultimate Guide to Plastic Pallets, Pallet Boxes and Containers.

Our plastic pallet experts will help you to find the right solution for your application, matching your requirements with the perfect plastic pallet, pallet box or container.

Browse our Product Application section to see how our products are serving companies from Automotive and Construction industries to Brewing and Pharmaceutical distribution. Alternatively, call our plastic pallet experts on +44 (0)1323 744057 or email your enquiry to

In The Ultimate Guide:

What are the different Styles of Plastic Pallet, Pallet Box and Plastic Container

One of the benefits of choosing plastic pallets, pallet boxes or small plastic containers is the wide range of products to choose from.

However, with so many options available, it can be difficult to know which product is the right one for you and your application.

Below we will help you understand the different styles of plastic pallets, pallet boxes or small plastic containers so you can see which option suits your needs.

Plastic Pallet Styles

Selecting the right plastic pallet style is vital but completely dependant on the use and needs.

The information below should only be used as a guide. We always recommend speaking to us directly so that we can ensure your specific needs and requirements are all taken into account.

As you’d expect, the majority of our products are made from recycled plastic. Read more about Our Responsibility Policy.

Heavy Duty Plastic Pallets

As the name suggests, heavy duty pallets are just that. Hard working and hard wearing, heavy duty pallets are designed for repeated use. Able to withstand frequent heavy use, these pallets are good all-rounders making them suitable for a range of applications.
Browse all Heavy Duty Plastic Pallets.

Medium Duty Plastic Pallets

Medium duty pallets offer an economical solution when it comes to handling and shipping moderate weight loads. This makes them a popular choice with our customers looking for a moderately strong, reliable pallet that can stand the test of time.
Browse all Medium Duty Plastic Pallets.

Hygienic Plastic Pallets

Hygienic plastic pallets are perfect for handling and storing food products and pharmaceuticals. Their smooth surfaces make them easy to clean, whilst being non porous, they don’t accumulate dirt and other substances which could lead to contamination of germs and bacteria.
Browse all Hygienic Plastic Pallets.

Full Perimeter Plastic Pallets

Available on five or six runners, full perimeter plastic pallets are great in racking or pool applications. They are the universal choice for pallet loops and perfect when maximum strength is needed.
Browse all Full Perimeter Plastic Pallets.

Non-Perimeter Plastic Pallets

Available on three runners, Non-perimeter plastic pallets are perfect for use with pallet tracks and where mechanical handling systems are employed. Ideal for general use.
Browse our range of Non Perimeter Pallets.

Euro Plastic Pallets

Euro plastic pallets have a specific euro pallet size of 1200mm x 800mm. They are the popular choice throughout Europe and the UK due to the broad range of uses and applications. They are reusable and conform to full European Regulations. Rackable, nestable, heavy duty or light weight.
Browse our range of Euro Plastic Pallets.

Export Plastic Pallets

Export plastic pallets are designed to transport items at the lowest cost. This makes them ideal for the safe and reliable transit of products internationally.
Browse our range of Export Plastic Pallets.

Nestable Plastic Pallets

Our nestable plastic pallets are lightweight, but tough. When not in use, they nest securely inside each other for easy storage. This also saves space and money on return journey transportation.
Browse our Nestable Plastic Pallets.

Display Plastic Pallets

Display plastic pallets are ideal for point of sale applications within retail. Available in a range of sizes display pallets can be used for retail display as well as efficient warehouse storage.
Browse our Display Plastic Pallets.

Pallet Box Styles

Folding Plastic Pallet Boxes

Folding containers collapse when empty, therefore offering excellent space and fuel savings, especially on return journey transport. Our range of large folding pallet crates and containers are sturdy and provide exceptional internal capacity. Browse our range of Folding Pallet Box Crates and Containers.

Rigid Plastic Pallet Boxes

Rigid pallet boxes are perfect for repeated use on account of being so robust and strong. Ideal for all types of bulk storage, distribution and waste recycling, they are also easily stacked. This means you can both save on space and reduce transportation costs. Often used in the food sector due to their large racking capacity, ease of cleaning and use with forklifts and automated conveyor systems. Browse our Rigid Pallet Box .

Hygienic Plastic Pallet Boxes

Hygienic pallet boxes are perfect for when sanitary transportation is required. Made up from three plastic components – a strong, hygienic pallet base, a fully sealed 5mm sleeve centre, and a secure fitting lid – they are also easy to assemble. Browse our Hygienic Pallet Boxes.

Plastic Container and Crate Styles

Attached Lid Plastic Containers

Often used in the Retail Industry, Attached lid boxes have hinged, interlocking lids which give the ultimate product protection and security throughout the supply chain. Attached lid containers are strong, durable and will stack neatly on top of each other when full and nest when empty. Browse the Attached Lid Container.

Euro Plastic Boxes

Suitable for all industrial applications, euro boxes are widely used in the automotive industry. This is due to their ability to offer clean and safe storage during transportation, whilst also safely stacking making them space saving too. Euro boxes are also designed to fit euro pallets. Heavy duty, hard wearing and with an excellent volume capacity. Browse our Euro Box.

Automotive Plastic Containers

Our range of automotive boxes are specifically designed for the storage and transportation of car parts. Conforming to European VDA standards, our automotive boxes are stackable too, making them ideal for warehouse use. Browse our Automotive Box.

Folding Plastic Crates

If you need space-saving storage, then look no further than our range of folding boxes. Robust, they can be securely stacked when in use or neatly folded away when empty. Browse our Folding Box and Container.

Food & Agricultural Containers

Our range of food and agricultural containers are made from the highest grade material, making them ideal for the storage and transportation of raw produce, fruits, vegetables and meats. They can also be easily colour coded as they come in a range of colours. Browse our Food Trays and Agricultural Containers.

What are the types of Pallet Deck or Box Structure?

Plastic Pallets & Pallet Boxes: Solid, Perforated or Open Deck

Many of our plastic pallets come with the option of a closed solid deck or an open ventilated deck. Our pallet boxes with solid sides offer maximum strength and rigidity, where perforated sides offer excellent ventilation – popular for grocery applications. Both types can be easily cleaned.

Plastic Boxes & Containers: Solid or Perforated Side Walls

Our small plastic containers come with the option of solid or perforated side walls. Solid sides offer maximum strength and rigidity, where perforated sides offer excellent ventilation – popular for grocery applications. Both types can be easily cleaned.

What Materials are Plastic Pallets made from?

Plastic pallets are manufactured from either virgin or recycled plastic. We take our impact on the planet very seriously and take full responsibility for recycling the plastic pallets and boxes we supply.

96% of our plastic pallets are made from 100% recycled household and business plastic waste. Read more about our Responsibility Policy here.

Plastic pallets are manufactured from polypropylene (PP) or polyethylene (PE), high or medium density. Specification will depend upon the proposed application. PE has good shock absorbing performance, even in very low temperatures, whereas PP has improved stiffness even at higher temperatures, providing excellent performance in racking.

If your pallets have direct contact with food, or if high performance is required, virgin materials (rather than recycled) are recommended. They are also more aesthetically pleasing. However, recycled materials offer a more economical and environmentally friendly alternative.

If pallets are being used in extreme temperatures, it can adversely affect the loading capacities and performance. Because there are so many variables involved, it is important when specifying your pallet to state if it will be used in extremely low or high temperatures.

You can talk to us at any time and we will be happy to guide you through your requirements.

High Density Polyethylene (HDPE)

Polypropylene (PP)

Polyethylene terephthalate (PET)

Polyethylene (PE)

Polyolefin (PO)


Understanding Load Capacity of Plastic Pallets

When it comes to the load capacity of plastic pallets it’s important to understand the demand and load that can be placed on the pallet.

All plastic pallets have a safety margin to ensure that they can be loaded to these maximums, however these capacities assume that the load is evenly spread. If your load is concentrated in or across the centre of the pallet, this should be allowed for.

There are outside environmental factors that also need to be considered in order to ensure the right load capacity for your requirements. You can talk to us any time and we will be happy to advise.

Dynamic Load

A dynamic load rating refers to the weight placed on a pallet that is then put in motion. For example, a pallet rated for a dynamic load of 1000kg means you can put up to 1000kg of an evenly distributed product on the pallet, then the pallet could be placed on a conveyor system or moved around a warehouse by a forklift or hand pallet truck.

Static Load

A static load rating refers to the weight placed on a pallet while at rest. For example, if a set of three pallets each with a 1000kg static load capacity are stacked, then the bottom pallet would have a grand total of 3000kgs.

Racking Load

The racking load quantifies the maximum evenly spread interlocking load a pallet can accommodate in standard beam racking, so by its nature with less support, it is always less than the static load.

What are the benefits of Plastic Pallets and Boxes?

Thinking about moving from wooden pallets to plastic? We can help you to make the transition and find the right solution for your application.
If you are still using wooden pallets, your move to plastic pallets will create a far more sustainable supply chain. 10 times more durable than wooden pallets, we provide long lasting, reusable plastic pallets and boxes and at the end of their life we take them away, recycle them and make new pallets from the old. You can read more about Our Responsibility Policy here.

Still need convincing? Here are the Top 10 reasons we believe you should be using plastic pallets:

  1. Recyclable and environmentally friendly
  2. Durable and incredibly strong
  3. Reusable ensuring a maximum return on investment
  4. Exempt from ISPM15 regulations
  5. Suitable for hygienic applications
  6. Easy to wash and keep clean
  7. Space and cost saving
  8. Specifically designed for the application
  9. Safer manual handling
  10. No potential for contamination issues

Read more about the benefits of ‘Going Plastic’ here.

Plastic Pallet, Pallet Box and Container Attribute Comparison Chart

Still confused about which of our plastic pallets, plastic pallet boxes or plastic containers are the right solution for you?

We’ve created this simple overview of the different level of strengths, product styles, key features and optional extras available to aid your pallet selection process. For more advice, call our specialist team or read our top tips for choosing the right plastic pallet for your requirements.

Optional Plastic Pallets Pallet Boxes Small Containers
Static Load Maximum weight the pallet can support when placed on a solid, level surface. Up to 10,000kg Up to 7,000kg (max. stack load) Up to 500kg (max. stack load)
Dynamic Load Maximum weight the pallet can support when being moved by a forklift. Up to 2,500kg Up to 1,000kg Up to 50kg
Racking Load Maximum weight the pallet can support in racking safely. Up to 2,000kg Up to 1,000kg N/A
Product StyleThe type of plastic pallet, pallet box or container available. Nestable, Display, Medium duty, Heavy duty, Hygienic, Non-perimeter (three runners), Full perimeter (five or six runners) Rigid
Colour *Colour availability is subject to order quantity Black and grey,
blue, red,
green, yellow,
white, beige*
Black and grey, blue, red, green, yellow, white, beige* Black and grey, blue, red, green, yellow, white, beige*
Pallet Deck or Box Structure Type Open deck or perforated container walls: Allow liquid drainage, better airflow.
Closed deck or solid container walls: Superior hygiene and easier to clean
Open deck
semi-open deck
closed deck
Solid or perforated Solid or perforated
Optional lips The majority of plastic pallets come with 6mm lips as standard, although in many cases these are optional. Yes
Standard 6mm high
22mm lips available on automotive pallet
Plastic pallets are usually manufactured from either Virgin or recycled HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) or PP (Polypropylene).

The material is usually dependent upon the proposed application. Virgin materials are recommended for hygienic use or high performance. They are also more aesthetically pleasing, however recycled materials offer a more economic and environmentally friendly alternative.

HDPE offers good shock absorbing performance, even in very low temperatures.

PP Retains it’s robust structure at higher temperatures, providing excellent performance on racking.

Recycled and virgin:
(Polyethylene terephtalate)
Recycled and virgin:
and virgin:
Operating temperature Pallet loading capacities and performance can be adversely affected when used in extreme temperatures. As there are so many variables involved, make sure to state that your pallets will be used in extreme operating temperatures. Temperature guides are subject to load. HDPE (and PE): -30°C to +40°C

Can be cleaned at up to +80°C

PP: -20°C to +60°C

PO: must be kept dry

ESD Allows the dispersion of static electricity build-up. Ideal for use in chemicals and electronic applications uses. Options available N/A N/A
Anti-slip surfaces In some exceptional circumstances, anti-slip surfaces may be required to reduce product movement. Optional addition on some pallets N/A N/A
Optional additions All additions are subject to order quantity Screen Printing
Custom colours
Clip-on runners
Optional pallet lips
Screen and Hot Die Printing
Label holder
Custom colours
Suitable lid
Screen and Hot Die printing
Thermal Transfer
Label holder
Custom colours
Suitable lid
Ticket clips