Plastic Pallet Collection & Distribution

Ensuring that the distribution and collection of our plastic pallets is carried out as environmentally as possible is incredibly important to us in reducing our carbon footprint.

Our Plastic Pallet Distribution & Collection Process

Plastic Pallet Distribution

All of our stock is available for immediate and next day delivery. But how do we ensure that our shipping and distribution service is environmentally friendly?

We work hard to limit our carbon emissions and protect the environment when it comes to shipping our plastic pallets and boxes across the country.

We ensure that all of our import transportation trucks are always loaded to the maximum possible weight and volume, to ensure they are running at their maximum efficiency.

We also endeavour for these trucks to be fully loaded in both directions. In addition, our distribution team in the UK works closely with the pallet delivery network to greatly reduce the “part loaded” miles of trucks running to their final destination.

Plastic Pallet Collection

Cost-effective and hassle-free, we have made our plastic pallet collection and recycling service as simple as possible for our customers.

Have your plastic pallets reached the end of their life? Not sure what to do with them?

We take your old and broken plastic pallets and boxes and recycle them, turning them into new, long lasting plastic pallets.

Fill in the form here, call us on +44 (0)1323 744057 or email us and we will arrange the collection and recycling of your plastic pallets and boxes.