Plastic Pallet Recycling

We are leading the way in recycling plastic pallets and boxes in the UK.

As an Accredited Exporter of plastic packaging waste we can help our customers, and the environment, by collecting back the plastic pallets and boxes we supply at the end of their long use and professionally recycling them so they don’t end up in landfill – or our world’s oceans!

The Recycling Process

Our plastic pallets are recycled in Belgium. Our factory in Belgium is one of only three in Europe with a pallet recycling facility adjacent to the manufacturing plant and is also the closest one to the UK, ensuring that our carbon emissions are kept to a minimum when we send the plastic to be recycled.

Recycling our plastic pallets in Belgium we control exactly where the materials are going. We can guarantee that the plastic pallets are correctly recycled at a fully licensed facility, which we also monitor through regular visits.

Working with our partners in Belgium, we can ensure that our plastic pallets are recycled into new plastic pallets, creating a continuous recycling loop! Returning the pallets to our Belgian factory, also ensures we know which plastics are being used to create the next wave of high standard long life plastic pallets.

You can read more here about the lifecycle of a plastic pallet.

plastic pallet recycling