Charity & Community

We pride ourselves on being an environmentally-conscious business – one of our four core values – and uphold a strong environmental policy.

Whilst we are committed to taking responsibility for all of our plastic pallets and boxes, we are also involved in projects both locally and nationally.

What we are doing in our community and for the planet

In our community

We are active in helping local charities and non-profit organisations.

Our latest project will assist the Plastic Free Eastbourne group to educate the next generation about the importance of creating a cleaner more responsible environment. We are also regularly involved in the beach clean project here in Eastbourne.

We are also holders of the Single Use Plastic Free Eastbourne Award. We were awarded this by the Plastic Free Eastbourne Campaign in association with the Eastbourne Chamber for our commitment to tackling the usage of single use plastic.

The full list of changes made to become single-use plastic free, which can be found on the Eastbourne Chamber website.

For the planet

We know that it’s not just the larger actions that matter, but the smaller ones too.

We have been lucky enough to be involved in several environmental projects that support the work of various charities in the UK.

Working with the British Divers Marine Life Rescue, we donated plastic boxes which are used as pens in the new Moray Seal Holding Unit for the care and treatment of seal pups found malnourished, separated or injured.

We have also helped the Rutland Osprey Project with their continuing work to return the previously extinct bird of prey to England. We provided several plastic pallets which have been used to create artificial nest platforms to attract breeding pairs of ospreys back into the Rutland area.

If you have a local or national project that you would like help with, then we would love to hear from you. Please email explaining a little bit about your charity or cause and we will see how we can get involved.