Anti Static (ESD) for Plastic Pallets

Anti-Static (ESD)

Static electricity cannot be avoided. Hundreds of times each day, Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) events occur without notice.

Unfortunately, an increasing number of electronic components are susceptible to damage from low voltage levels.

ESD events affect the electronics industry at all levels of production. The further development in miniaturisation and complexity of electronic circuitry are setting the trend towards packaging of approved conductive material.

Our ESD-Pallets and ESD-Hybox provide effective protection for handling electronic components in assembly, storage and processing areas.

We supply ESD products in three, anti-static classes:


Our basic grade, designed to avoid the accumulation of electric charge with a resistance in the range 1011 – 1014 Ohms. This range is available in a number of colour options, dependent on order quantity.


Designed with dissipative properties to ensure controlled discharge, our ESD pallets have a resistance in the range 104 – 1011 Ohms, and are available in black or grey only.


Designed to be fully conductive for immediate discharge, our conductive pallets have a resistance below 104 Ohms, and are only available in black.