Export Plastic Pallets

We stock a variety of export plastic pallets designed to provide economic solutions for one trip applications.

Our export plastic pallets are ideal for export consignments and avoiding the ISPMI5 regulations for heat treated wood packaging. This is of course especially important right now, post Brexit and the new import/ export legislations.

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Our Export Plastic Pallets

Plastic pallets are the obvious choice when it comes to export and import shipping, out performing wooden pallets, saving you time, money and helping you to protect the goods you are distributing.

Exempt from heat treatment and therefore ISPM15 certification, our export plastic pallets are helping businesses to move away from wooden pallets and become more environmentally friendly and creating robust, efficient supply chains.

Our export pallets are available with both open and closed decks, in a range of footprints and sizes. All of our export pallets are made from recycled plastic and at the end of their life, we will take them back and ensure that they are responsibly recycled.

Key information: Export plastic pallets


– Specially designed for one-way trips or limited use.
– Available in different sizes.
– Open or closed top decks.
– Full-perimeter runner options giving rack loading up to 1,000kg.
– Super lightweight model weighs just 3.2kg.
– Nestable pallets save space in storage when not in use.
– Higher specification versions available for multi-use.

Key benefits:

Low-cost – cost-effective and lightweight for exporters.
Lightweight – manufactured from recycled plastic.
Hassle-free – exempt from ISPMI5 regulations.