The Ultimate Sleeve Packs for the Automotive Industry

Our work with the Automotive Sector over the last two decades has allowed us to develop a range of products, which although not exclusively for the Automotive Industry, are certainly the focus of your attention if you are reading this!

Cabcube© 2.0 and 3.0 are no exception. Based around the standard UK and European footprint respectively, they are both widely used within the Automotive sector, and are ideal for the protection of lighter, bulkier parts and components in transit.

With very strong pressure injected bases and lids they offer superior protection. The sleeves are much stronger than cardboard, and the whole unit has a lower net weight than a traditional heavy sided FLC.

Space saving is another feature, with the CabCube 2.0 folding down to 222mm and the CabCube 3.0 to 239mm when not in use. And of course, at the end of their very long working life, they can be recycled, and the material used again and again.

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Key features:

  • Injection Moulded Base and Lid offering a more consistent and stronger unit.
  • The deep recess offers quick sleeve installation with very secure loading.
  • Ergonomic handles on the lid enable easy lifting.
  • Rain water drainage features so the box can be left in the rain and the inner contents stays dry.
  • Curved feet blocks to reduce damage from fork lift trucks.


  • Customised sleeve heights and door configuration available.
  • 20 kg lighter than a thick sided folding pallet box.
  • A far superior pallet compared to a twin sheet design.
  • Increased trailer fill when empty.
  • Millions of units sold already into the automotive sector.