Accredited Exporter of Plastic Packaging Waste

Go Plastic Team

Did you know that we are an Approved Exporter of plastic packaging waste?

We can give your old plastic pallets, boxes and crates a new lease of life by recycling them for you!

If you no longer need your plastic pallets, boxes or crates, or they have come to the end of their long working life then we can help you make sure they are recycled in a sustainable way and do not end up in landfill.

We can ship your used plastic pallets, boxes and crates to CABKA_IPS’s plant in Belgium – a specialist facility for making products from plastic packaging waste.

Here they will be reground and mixed with regrind material produced from detergent bottles, shampoo bottles, plastic lids and other household plastics along with business waste such as drinks crates, recycled plastic pallets, vegetable crates and rubbish bins.

This then provides a new raw material that by means of intelligent design will be made into new sustainable plastic pallets, boxes and crates.

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