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Are you looking to enhance your operational efficiency and embrace sustainability while making cost savings? Experience the future of logistics with two FREE nestable plastic pallets from

Nestable plastic pallets will help you to save space and money!

Nestable plastic pallets are a Logistics Manager’s secret weapon for saving space and reducing transportation costs. Their unique design allows them to fit inside one another when empty, which means you can load significantly more onto a truck for return journeys, compared to traditional wooden pallets.

This results in fewer trips, lower fuel costs, and substantial savings on transportation. Moreover, their compact nature when stacked drastically reduces storage space requirements in warehouses. Embracing nestable plastic pallets is a smart move towards improved efficiency and sustainability in any logistics operation.

Nestable Plastic Pallets Vs Wooden Pallets

Used Wooden Pallets vs Nestable Plastic Pallets: Why switch?

Here’s our top reasons for switching from wooden to nestable plastic pallets:

  • SPACE SAVINGS: You can fit 1450 nestable pallets on a 13.6m trailer, compared to just 400 wooden ones – leading to huge efficiency gains!
  • PRESENTATION: New nestable plastic pallets are perfect – free from dirt, debris and residue – unlike used wooden pallets, where quality can vary massively.
  • LONGEVITY: Used wooden pallets are subject to wear, tear and damage – however, nestable plastic pallets are a superior choice for consistent quality and longevity.
  • LOAD RATING: Unlike second hand wooden pallets, nestable plastic pallets are rigorously tested and have specified static, dynamic, and racking capacities.
  • ISPM15: Wooden pallets require specific heat treatment and documentation before exportation – but nestable plastic pallets are ISPM15 exempt.
  • INTEGRITY: Plastic pallets are safer than used wooden pallets, with smooth surfaces and no splintering. This consistency reduces risk of injury.
  • SUSTAINABILITY: Plastic pallets, already made from recycled HDPE or PP, serve for years before being recycled – but wooden pallets are repurposed for “end of life” use, such as fuel.
  • AVAILABILITY: Unlike plastic, the availability of timber can dramatically change over short periods of time – moving from feast to famine.
  • PRICING: Plastic pallets are consistently priced, allowing you to budget more effectively – and not at the mercy of volatile timber prices.

You can fit 1450 nestable pallets on a 13.6m trailer, compared to just 400 wooden ones – leading to huge efficiency gains!


Fill in the form and one of our experts will be in touch to determine which of these nestable plastic pallets is most suitable for your free samples. All models measure 1200mm x 1000mm and are made from 100% recycled HDPE.

Cabka-IPS New 110 PE 9F

This ultra-lightweight pallet works well with all types of MHE across all industries

SF 1210 NL 9F

This robust but lightweight pallet has proved itself a top seller across Europe

Qpall 1210 Export Closed 9F

Another lightweight nestable pallet with a closed deck, more suited to some applications

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