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We have the UK’s largest range of Plastic PalletsPlastic Pallet BoxesSmall Containers, Crates and Trays.

We are leading the way to create responsible supply chains, guaranteeing to take full responsibility and recycle every product we supply.

Plastic Pallet Experts

The Plastic Experts

With over 160 years’ experience, we are the experts when it comes to plastic pallets, pallet boxes and small boxes. We stand for quality and a service that is unrivalled.

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Over 76,000 plastic pallets, pallet boxes and small containers and trays to suit all applications. In stock and ready for delivery.

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Recycled Plastic Pallets

93% Recycled Plastic

We are the Responsible Plastic Pallet Company – leading the way and taking responsibility for recycling every single product that we supply.

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Plastic Pallets are strong and durable, lasting up to 10 years. Multi-use, easy to clean, ISPM 15 exempt and could save you as much as £230,000 in ten years.

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