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Plastic Pallets

We stock in excess of 155 different plastic pallets from lightweight single use pallets to heavyweight multi use pallets, in recycled and virgin materials. Each plastic pallet in our range has been selected for its combination of quality, durability and cost effectiveness.

Search our entire plastic pallet range by Pallet Size or Pallet Style. Alternatively, if you need help selecting the best plastic pallet for your application, call our expert team of advisors on 01323 744057 or email sales@goplasticpallets.com.

Collapsible Pallet Boxes

Our collapsible pallet boxes fold when empty offering space and fuel savings on return journey transportation. Foldable pallet boxes also offer excellent internal capacity and are very sturdy, so will not collapse during use.

Rigid Pallet Boxes

Rigid pallet boxes are strong and robust for repeated use and are suitable for use with fork lifts and automated conveyor systems. Ideal for all types of bulk storage and distribution, they are particularly effective for waste recycling.

Hygienic Pallet Boxes

Made up from three plastic components – a Hygienic pallet base, a fully sealed 5mm sleeve centre, and a secure fitting lid – our Hygienic pallet boxes can be assembled and are ideal for transporting packaging components from suppliers to production facilities.

All Plastic Pallet Boxes

Browse our entire range of 27 different plastic pallet boxes and lids. Alternatively you can search by Pallet Box Size or Pallet Box Style.