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Partnering Supply Chain and Automation Professionals across all Industries. We provide accurate, consistent and long-lasting plastic returnable transit packaging solutions.

A warehouse or production line with an automated handling system in place can increase throughput, moving goods non-stop, reducing labour costs. The precision of such systems function is also often the result of fewer mistakes.

But automated handling systems are not invincible. The most common cause of disruption is the use of wooden pallets. From jamming inside the equipment to breaking apart, causing damage to products, these errors from wooden pallets can result in lengthy delays, missed shipments and a huge cost to businesses.

Our plastic pallets, plastic pallet boxes and small containers are specifically designed to work with automated lines across several industries. Read more about how we did this for GA Pet Food Partners, where we supplied 19,750 plastic pallet boxes to work seamlessly with their automation system.

Below you will find a small selection of suitable plastic pallet, pallet boxes and crates for use in Supply Chain and Automation. You can browse our entire product range here. Alternatively, you can call us on +44 (0)1323 744057 or email [email protected] directly with your specific application and requirements.

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Why Goplastic in your automation processes?

Common problems caused by wooden pallets include: inconsistency – as wooden pallets are not uniform in size and shape, even small inconsistencies can cause a pallet to jam; damage – loose slats and broken nails can result through frequent use; contamination – as wooden pallets are absorbent they take in moisture where bacteria can harbour and grow, and in the worst case contaminate the goods loaded upon it. A typical wooden pallet is therefore a weak link in the automated process. The obvious solution is to adopt a platform that is durable, totally consistent, does not contain nails or fasteners and is moisture resistant.

Plastic pallets and boxes perfectly complement automated handling systems, and in our experience of supplying products to the food and drink industry, they provide a reliable asset for all types of applications.

The advantages of plastic pallets over wood are plentiful, just a few include: consistency – plastic pallets are 100% size and strength consistent; durability – their strength is unrivalled, heavy duty varieties can also withstand frequent repeated use in rigorous, closed loop scenarios; hygienic – they are non-absorbent and resistant to most chemicals and can be washed repeatedly; recyclable – more than 90% of our plastic pallets are made from recycled plastic and at the end of their long working life can be reground to produce new, sustainable plastic pallets, saving trees along the way.

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