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A versatile customer friendly approach

At we always try to help our customer requests and be as versatile and flexible as possible. has received an enquiry for a Euro Stacking Container to have a solid base with perforated side walls to help with airflow to accommodate the requirements of sensitive products. The GoBox 1220 EU and GoBox 1240 EU are usually manufactured in either fully solid or fully perforated versions but utilising the very latest manufacturing techniques and injection mould tooling design Gobox 1230 EUhave been able to offer a solution that meets the customer container style requirements.

E1230Not all containers can be quite so versatile or flexible but have a wide range of container based solutions that can be produced in a number of bespoke formats to meet customer specific requirements whether they be Euro Containers, Tote Boxes, Folding Crates, Bread baskets or Bale Arm Containers.