Black Friday Planning: Strategies for Retailers and Supply Chain Managers

Many Operations Directors, Logistics Managers and Supply Chain Experts would never have heard of Black Friday or Cyber Monday at the start of their careers, but fast forward thirteen years and they are now considered two of the most significant dates in the industry calendar, especially for those working in retail, for a fulfilment house or a delivery partner. But how do you prepare? and All Pallets acquired by Rotom Europe

In a strategic move that underlines their commitment to future growth, and its sister company, All Pallets, have announced their acquisition by Rotom Europe. This acquisition cements both companies’ position as UK market leaders, whilst allowing Rotom to expand its load carrier services in the UK and further strengthen its activities across Europe.

Are plastic pallets cheaper than wood?

To the average Joe Public, pallets are invisible. But, for supply chain managers and logistics professionals, pallets are the understated goliath of supply chains and are right up there with containers for delivering global trade.

For those in the know, the “plastic pallets versus wooden pallets” debate is the modern-day logistics dilemma. Although wooden pallets have traditionally been the go-to, plastic pallets have well and truly emerged as a superior alternative offering many benefits. 

Government must learn lessons from Plastic Packaging Tax debacle following EPR delay

I am disappointed by the government’s decision, announced at the end of last week, to further delay the Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) scheme until 2025. While the scheme promises to hold packaging producers to account for recycling costs, this deferral is just another example of how this government has struggled to implement effective environmental policies in a timely manner.

Top Tips for creating a Greener Warehouse

Warehousing has long been a critical element of the supply chain, ensuring the smooth flow of goods from manufacturers to consumers. Traditional warehousing strategies have primarily focused on efficiency and cost-effectiveness. However, the increasing awareness of climate change and the urgent need for sustainable practices have led to a significant paradigm shift within the industry, which has given rise to the concept of “green warehousing”.

Plastic Pallet People: Steve Penney

In the latest Plastic Pallet People, we sit down for a chat with Steve Penney, our cricket-loving UK Key Account Sales Manager – we ask him all of the important questions, including about his favourite products. and Q-Pall Team-Up to Launch New Heavy Duty Pallet in the UK, the responsible plastic pallet company, has expanded its portfolio of robust pallets with the exclusive addition of the Qpall 1212 HR 6R V2 to the UK market.

This heavy duty, open deck plastic pallet – manufactured by Netherlands-based Q-Pall – has been specifically designed to handle large amounts of materials and ingredients for manufacturers and other industries, including those transporting and storing chemical drums and bulk bags. Launches FREE Nestable Pallet Promotion, the leading provider of sustainable plastic pallets and boxes, has launched a new promotion to help businesses better understand the benefits of nestable plastic pallets. UK-based companies are being given the opportunity to try two units completely free of charge.

Unpacking the Future of Materials Handling: Automation and Sustainability

Modern materials handling has undergone a significant change in recent years, as a result of ongoing digital transformation. The world is rapidly changing – from the way consumers now search, buy and pay for products, to how they are manufactured, transported, and delivered across the final mile. In this article, Jim Hardisty, Managing Director, explores what the future could hold…

Rishi Sunak Challenged to Review Controversial Plastic Packaging Tax

We’re taking action! It’s no secret that the Plastic Packaging Tax (PPT) has been a hot topic for us here at We believe it’s important to raise our voice about issues affecting our industry and the environment. That’s why we’ve written directly to the Prime Minister, Rishi Sunak, inviting him to sit down with […]