Plastic Pallet People: Emma Hall

Welcome to Plastic Pallet People, our profile feature where we find out what makes the individuals in our fabulous team tick. This time, we chatted with our Office Manager, Emma Hall. Hi Emma! Thanks for speaking with us today. Let’s get started! So, let’s set the scene – how would your colleagues describe you?

7 Effective Ways to Create a Green Supply Chain

Green supply chain management has become a critical topic of discussion in recent years, as more businesses strive to incorporate environmentally responsible practices into their supply chain operations. For instance, according to the recent European Logistics Supply Chain Sustainability Report, four in five companies have said that reducing carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions in the next five years is a key focus area. This approach not only showcases a company’s green credentials, but it can also help to reduce costs in the long run.

A sustainable supply chain starts with plastic RTP

Sustainability is a hot topic. A recent IBM study revealed that sustainability is rising on the corporate agenda and CEOs are recognising sustainability as a business imperative and growth driver. Increasingly in the logistics sector, CEOs and MDs are investing in sustainability and calculating how they can reduce their business’ impact on the planet while operating efficiently and profitably.

Create a Circular Economy with

Did you know that we promise to recycle all the plastic products that we supply? Join our circular economy! Find out more and watch the video below. How do I recycle my plastic pallets and boxes? It is easy! We simply need your details and a photo of the pallets or boxes so that we […]

Two Plastic Pallets, Multiple Uses!

The SF 1208 M3R and SF 1210 M5R are two hugely popular pallets. Both are medium duty pallets but lightweight, offering a generous racking capacity of 500kg. Used across industries for export as well as in a warehouse environment as a multi-use pallet in a medium-weight application. In stock and available for immediate delivery! Two […]

Plastic pallets help retailers keep up with the boom in online sales

Over the last decade, e-commerce has grown rapidly. In 2020, e-commerce sales totalled £111 billion in the UK, and accounted for 27.6% of total retail sales, up from £75 billion (19.2% of retail sales) in 2019.

The global Covid-19 pandemic, Brexit, and a skills shortage have been catalysts for even quicker growth in the last two years. To keep up with this demand, many retailers have increased the level of automation in their operations – in both their warehouses and for distribution – to improve the speed and efficiency of deliveries. 

The benefits of automating palletising with robots and plastic pallets

For many years manual labour and conventional systems have been the method of choice for palletising goods, but modern manufacturing is causing a shift. With the growing demand for faster, more efficient and cost effective production lines, manufacturers are shifting away from conventional palletising methods, turning instead to robotic palletising solutions.

In this article, our plastic pallet experts at explain the many benefits of automating palletising with industrial robots and plastic pallets and illustrate the process in this neat video, courtesy of RARUK Automation.

How to ensure your plastic pallets are fit for purpose

Most people have experienced the disappointment of being mis-sold a product or service at some time in their lives, whether they have fallen victim to false advertising or sloppy advice. But in some industries, the consequences of being mis-sold to can be catastrophic.

In the pallet industry, being sold the wrong pallet for your application can not only be costly; it can cause irreparable damage if it is not fit for purpose and, in the worst case, injury to operatives.

In this article, the plastic pallet experts at share one customer scenario which highlights why it is essential to seek expert advice to ensure the pallets you buy are the perfect match for your application.