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5 reasons why Logistics Managers should not ignore the GoFLC 960 and 980

There is no doubt that warehouses are becoming more sophisticated. The ongoing development and investment in robotics and automation has revolutionised the industry, providing a greater focus on efficiency.

But it’s not just automated systems that are helping logistics managers and supply chain professionals to optimise and streamline their warehouse operations – the products that work within them, such as plastic pallets and pallet boxes, are getting better and better all the time.

Enter the GoFLC 960 and 980 from – game-changers in the world of logistics.

Here are five reasons you can’t afford to ignore these revolutionary folding pallet containers.

5 reasons why Logistics Managers should not ignore the GoFLC 960 and 980

1. Unmatched durability

When it comes to durability, the GoFLC 960 (1200 x 800 x 960mm) and 980 (1200 x 1000 x 980mm) are unrivalled. These containers are manufactured from black high-quality recycled HDPE, ensuring they withstand the rigours of daily use. Whether you’re operating a high-intensity manual handling environment or an automated system, these containers are built to last. The materials used not only enhance their strength but also make them resistant to impact, reducing the risk of damage during handling and transportation.

This robustness ensures that the GoFLC containers can be used repeatedly without compromising their structural integrity, offering 100% size and strength consistency. In industries where equipment wear and tear is common, having a reliable solution like the GoFLC 960 and 980 means fewer replacements and lower long-term costs.

2. Space-saving design

One of the standout features of the GoFLC 960 and 980 is their innovative space-saving design. When not in use, these containers can be folded down to a fraction of their original size – 354mm for the GoFLC 960 and 317mm for the GoFLC 980. This compact folding capability is a huge advantage for any operation looking to maximise storage efficiency.

For example, a standard-sized truck can transport up to 198 GoFLC 960 units and 206 folded GoFLC 980 units. This translates to significant savings in transportation costs and storage space, making your logistics operations more cost-effective and sustainable.

3. High load capacity

Efficiency in logistics often boils down to how much you can move in a single trip. The GoFLC 960 and 980 excel in this area, boasting a high load capacity of up to 900 kilos. This means fewer trips are needed to transport goods, resulting in increased productivity and lower operational costs.

These containers also feature a solid base with three runners for added stability, ensuring that even when fully loaded, they remain secure and manageable. This high load capacity, combined with their durability, makes them ideal for a wide range of industries, from manufacturing to retail.

4. Environmentally-friendly

In today’s world, sustainability is more than a buzzword – it’s a necessity. The majority of the components forming the GoFLC 960 and 980 are made from recycled HDPE, underscoring a commitment to environmental responsibility.

GoFLC 960 (78% recycled HDPE, 22% virgin HDPE)
GoFLC 980 (71% recycled HDPE, 29% virgin HDPE)

At the end of their lifecycle, these containers are also fully recyclable, helping to reduce waste and support greener supply chains.

This environmental aspect is particularly important for companies aiming to enhance their sustainability credentials. By choosing the GoFLC 960 and 980, you’re not only investing in high-quality material handling solutions but also contributing to a more sustainable future.

5. Versatility and customisation

The versatility of the GoFLC 960 and 980 is another reason why they stand out from the crowd. These containers come with optional lids for added protection and feature two drop-down doors for easy access. This makes loading and unloading more convenient, whilst also reducing the time and effort required when picking and packing.

In addition, you have the option to print your company’s name or logo on the base, enhancing brand visibility. This customisation is particularly useful for businesses that want to maintain a professional and cohesive appearance throughout their operations.


The GoFLC 960 and 980 folding pallet containers are more than just storage solutions -they are strategic assets that can transform your logistics and material handling processes. With their unmatched durability, space-saving design, high load capacity, environmental benefits, and versatile customisation options, these containers are indispensable for any forward-thinking operation.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to elevate your logistics game. Invest in the GoFLC 960 and 980 today and experience the difference in efficiency and sustainability that they bring to the table.
You can learn more about the GoFLC 960 and the GoFLC 980 on our website, or alternatively, call our team of experts on 01323 744057 or email