’s Pioneering Recycling Scheme Surpasses 1,000 Tonne Milestone

In 2022, the organisation recycled more than 224,000kg (or 38 truck loads) of plastic pallets and boxes – transporting it from the UK to its recycling centre in Belgium. Starting the new year on a similar note, recently celebrated surpassing the 1,000 tonne milestone (or 185 truck loads) since 2019. Pallets Vs Skyscrapers; Recycling at new heights. Discover what that means.

A sustainable supply chain starts with plastic RTP

Sustainability is a hot topic. A recent IBM study revealed that sustainability is rising on the corporate agenda and CEOs are recognising sustainability as a business imperative and growth driver. Increasingly in the logistics sector, CEOs and MDs are investing in sustainability and calculating how they can reduce their business’ impact on the planet while operating efficiently and profitably.

Automation to dominate the supply chain of the future

If you attended IMHX last month, you would have seen how much automation dominated the event and how much the technology has advanced.

From self-guided robots to intelligent forklifts, the modern supply chain is going to rely heavily on this technology to drive efficiencies in the future.

That’s a wrap! Why it’s time to ditch stretch wrap and start using Sleeve Packs

If you work in logistics, you will almost certainly be familiar with plastic pallet wrap (aka shrink wrap or stretch wrap). It has been around for decades, and this highly stretchable plastic film is actually a relatively high-cost solution to secure palletised goods (usually solid items) and ensure they remain fully secure during transit. Millions of metres of plastic wrap are used and disposed of annually in the supply chain.

But what if there was a better solution?

Realising the true value of plastic pallets

The primary purpose of packaging is to protect goods during storage or transit. Here, Jim Hardisty, Managing Director of explains how plastic pallets, pallet boxes, containers, trays, and crates not only provide ultimate protection for goods, but how they are a reliable, reusable, and hygienic packaging solution.

We need to embrace a plastic circular economy warns

Jim Hardisty, Managing Director of – The Responsible Plastic Pallet Company says that organisations and consumers need to fully embrace a plastic circular economy sooner rather than later to help tackle plastic pollution.

In a recent article published on Circular online, the Sustainability Director at The Consumer Goods Forum, Ignacio Gavilan, highlighted the need to make a plastic circular economy the norm.

Six reasons why plastic pallets reign supreme in today’s supply chain

At, we are passionate about plastic. As the plastic pallet experts, we have been championing plastic pallets since we started in 2001. We know just how useful plastic is for making pallets, and when you consider all aspects of a pallet, such as its structure, weight, and lifespan, plastic will always be better than wood.

Here, we take a closer look at the six reasons why plastic pallets reign supreme in today’s supply chain.

Create a Circular Economy with

Did you know that we promise to recycle all the plastic products that we supply? Join our circular economy! Find out more and watch the video below. How do I recycle my plastic pallets and boxes? It is easy! We simply need your details and a photo of the pallets or boxes so that we […]

Reasons to switch from wooden pallets to plastic pallets

We are on a mission to create sustainable and environmentally conscious supply chains.

93% of the plastic pallets that we produce are made from recycled plastic and we recycled all of our products at the end of their long lives.

Plastic pallets are the smarter choice when it comes to your logistics requirements. Long lasting, highly durable and impervious to moisture, as well as being up to 20% cheaper than wooden pallets!

But what are the other reasons to switch to our plastic pallets?

More retailers recognising plastic pallets as the reliable, reusable choice

Warehousing is currently the fastest growing sector of the UK economy; in 2021 there were over £5billion pounds worth of warehouse projects.

Lockdowns during the pandemic forced shops to close and many of us turned to online shopping to purchase the essential and leisure items we needed. While the pandemic has certainly played a part in increasing online sales, a Mintel report predicts the curve will continue to rise, and by 2025, 30% of all retail sales in the UK will be made online. With this trend set to continue?

Is your business ready for the UK Plastic Packaging Tax?

You may think that your business is exempt from the new plastic law that came into effect on April 1st, but how can you be sure? If you are a manufacturer or importer of more than 10 tonnes of plastic packaging in a twelve month period then you must register with HMRC. As a result, […]