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Plastic Pallet People: Dan Starnes

Dan Starnes - Plastic Pallet PeopleThanks for your time, Dan. So, what’s your role at

I’m Sales Manager, working from our headquarters in Eastbourne. I look after a number of our key accounts, as well as focusing on business development throughout the company. I also look after and manage the internal sales team by supporting them with the projects and enquiries they are working on and helping them to meet their targets.

I also spend time on the road visiting customers. I enjoy taking the time to meet with existing customers to further build rapport and support with new enquiries. In addition to this, I also visit new prospects who have approached us looking for a packaging solution.

By conducting a site visit and getting a better understanding of their challenges and requirements, you can recommend the most suitable products that can drive efficiencies and offer a return on investment in the long run. I am normally on the road for a few days each month, which often means I see our products being used in the many different industries and sectors that we serve.

How long have you been with the company?

It’s been a long journey! Back in 2004, I was accepted onto a Media Studies course at college. I really enjoyed English at school, and I was keen to explore becoming a journalist. However, over the summer months I just had a hunger to get into the world of work and test myself. Through a family connection, I got a two-week stint working in the yard at All Pallets, our sister company based in Newhaven, and I relished the hard graft and the opportunity to earn myself some money. Once I got my driving licence, I got “poached” by Chris, one of the Co-Founders at, and I spent the next few months making deliveries.

Later that year, I made a cheeky remark to the other Co-Founder Jim about how I think I’d be a good salesperson. A couple of days later he asked whether I wanted to join him on the sales team. I had never done any sort of sales before, but he said he would teach me everything he knows (which is a lot!) – I kindly took him up on his offer and I’ve never looked back.

Congratulations for 20 years of service! How come you have stayed with the company for so long?

Very simply, I am still excited coming into work every day. The products we offer are continually improving and, such is the pace of change across the industries we serve, there are always conversations to be had and projects to work on.

Jim and Chris have done an exceptional job driving the business forward over the past two decades and this has kept the workforce positive and motivated. When you play a part in the growth of a company, it is incredibly exciting. I have seen take great strides over recent years and I’m proud of the contribution I have made too.

I absolutely agree. So, what’s the best part of the job?

Due to the fact I have been able to amass more than 20 years of industry knowledge and expertise, I feel I’m in a great position to offer our contacts and our customers valuable advice. I would never suggest a product just for the sake of it. I make sure I ask the right type of questions to see what the very best fit would be for that particular business and application. I really enjoy getting “under the bonnet” and to see where we can add the most value.

What’s the team like in Eastbourne?

We are a close knit group that tries to support each other wherever possible. Naturally, sales can be a competitive environment, but we share knowledge and celebrate successes collectively. You can always turn to your right or left and ask that important question, bounce ideas off one another, and seek advice. During the past 20 years, I have worked especially closely with Emma Hall, our Office Manager. She has worked at the company for longer than me and we have witnessed the business grow together. Emma is a fantastic asset to the team.

We also like to have regular team events away from the office so we can let our hair down. We recently went to a venue that has axe throwing, darts, VR machines, and that kind of stuff. We grabbed some food, and all had a good catch up – without mentioning pallets!

What’s been your big successes over the last 20 years?

Speaking generally, our continued growth has been important to me. However, as a salesperson, I do enjoy the thrill of securing a big order. The more challenging the deal, the more rewarding it feels!

I have won some big orders during my time at A few years ago, I placed 10,000 plastic pallets into a major international airport in the Middle East. This order was a year in the making, so it felt great to get that one over the line. Last year, I also sold 50,000 folding crates, which are now being used by food growers in the UK. The variety in helping different companies, working across numerous industries, has always appealed to me.

When shopping with my partner, I also like to point out pallets we have sold when walking around different shops – she always rolls her eyes, but I can’t help myself!

So, what are your plans for the future?

I’m still as hungry working for as the first day I joined the company as a 16-year-old. Due to its innovative nature, the logistics sector is constantly evolving, and I am keen to keep learning about new industry trends and how we can best support our customers. Last year, we joined Rotom Europe, and this also provides a fantastic opportunity to learn more about not only the products they provide, but the services they deliver to their customers. It’s going to be an exciting 2024.

You must have seen so many over your years at the company, but what is your favourite product?

I’d have to say the CabCube 1210 9F 2.0 – the foldable sleeve pack from Cabka, who we have closely worked with for many years. If you visit the product page on our website, you’ll also see a video of me assembling one!

It is a high quality solution and incredibly sturdy, whilst offering impressive space savings when flat. I always enjoy showcasing these types of innovative products that offer environmental benefits too.

Finally, what do you like to do outside of work?

My partner and I have three children at home, including a young baby, so those guys keep us busy and entertained. I also love to cycle, and my greatest achievement was completing five stages of the Tour de France route with my uncle, back in 2016. I’m also a keen table tennis player, learning at a young age, and then later playing in local leagues. I love the speed of the game and competing against the best in the area.

I’m also a Manchester United fan and I’m eagerly awaiting the return of the glory years.

They won’t be long coming, I’m sure. Thanks for your time, Dan!