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Blue RTP container improves food safety practices

Only available in the UK through in this striking blue colour, the GoBox 1210 Blue bulk storage container – which measures 1200mm (L) x 1000mm (W) x 760mm (H) – is proving particularly popular with food processing companies for adhering to stringent hygiene standards, since its strong, rigid base and straight-sided walls make it exceptionally easy to clean.

Hugely versatile, the GoBox 1210 Blue container is suitable for all types of application where cleanliness and hygiene are of prime importance, from harvesting hard fruit and vegetables to meat handling and storing fats, oils and other food ingredients.

In fact, the box is so flexible it has been used by The Scottish Salmon Company for transporting and storing salmon between primary and secondary processing at its Stornoway plant.

Weighing just 38.5kg but offering an enormous storage capacity of 670 litres, The Scottish Salmon Company is able to fill each GoBox 1210 Blue container with up to 475kgs of salmon with ice layered between the fish. Once packed, the boxes are refrigerated until the salmon is required for filleting. The boxes are then emptied, washed and sanitised, ready to be reused.

In addition to food applications, the GoBox 1210 Blue container is also ideal for clearing waste and used packaging for recycling, confirming that blue really is the new green!

Although blue is the most popular colour choice for the food industry as it stands out in processing areas, customers can choose from a selection of other colours for minimum orders of 130, and also personalisation options including screen printing and hot foil printing. Lids can also be supplied.

The GoBox 1210 Blue bulk storage container comes on three runners as standard GoBox 1210 BBC so it can be used in racking or stacked up to five high for the ultimate space saving solution, and a version is also available on four feet GoBox 1210 BBA.

As holds a large volume of products in stock, depending on quantities required the GoBox 1210 Blue container is available for next day delivery in the UK.

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