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Folding Plastic Pallet Containers ‘Moving Mountains’ for Parcel Delivery Companies

One thing that we can all relate to is that during the COVID-19 Pandemic we’ve all increased our usual online spending. Whether it’s in the form of a weekly grocery shop or sneaky purchases on Amazon; we’ve all been doing it!

Parcel delivery firm Hermes announced last week it is opening 10 new depots in response to continued growing demand for online shopping since lockdown began.

As the online purchasing boom continues, we here at Goplasticpallets are experiencing increased interest from retailers in our reusable CabCube 1210 sleeve pack system.

The CabCube

Composed from three parts, the CabCube 1210 has a super strong pallet base and lid support a versatile sleeve that can be customised to any height and door configuration. The sleeve can also be branded, like we’ve done recently for a large online clothes retailer.

Want to know more? Take a look at the CabCube 1210.

Plastic Pallet Containers on the move!

It’s not just the CabCabe 1210 that’s working hard to get parcels up and down the country. Here is a selection of other products getting your online purchases from the warehouse to your door.

GoTripBox 1208 Ultimate 3R

The GoTripBox 1208 Ultimate 3R is a 1200mm x 800mm sleeve pack container with locking catches. This is the ultimate milti-trip pallet box!

Watch the pallet box in action below or take a look at the product specs and download the data sheet here.

GoFLC 975-2

The GoFLC 975-2 is folding plastic pallet container box designed for long lasting performance in the most demanding environments.

1200mm x 1000mm with a capacity of 800litres, the GoFLC 975-2 is assembled in seconds. Watch it in action below or take a look at the product specs and download the data sheet.

GoS&N 64265P

Small but mighty! The GoS&N 64265P is a doorstep delivery champion.
A versatile Bi – Coloured stack and nesting container with extended walls for large internal capacity. Take a look at the product specs and download the data sheet here.

GoS&N 64265P

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