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New GoBox 1208 BBCJ joins our product line-up

Introducing new GoBox 1208 BBCJ, a unique euro-size pallet container.

As specialists in returnable plastic transit packaging, Goplasticpallets has chosen to bring the new GoBox 1208 BBCJ to the UK market for its unique size, significant storage capacity and light weight, yet strong frame.

The light weight unit on two runners has been designed and manufactured by JcoPlastic to offer strength and high volume storage. Weighing just over 32kg, it provides a generous load capacity of 520 litres and a maximum load of 400kg – over 12 times its own weight.GoBox 1208 BBCJ rigid pallet container

The new box measures 1,200mm (L) x 800mm (W) x 800mm (H) and is favourable for storing and distributing volume parts, particularly within the recycling, food and canning industries. In addition, it’s solid, smooth base and walls make the unit easy to keep clean. Ideal for use when handling of food stuffs and in hygienic environments.

GoBox 1208 BBCJ rigid pallet container with lid attachedMade from virgin High Density Polyethylene, GoBox 1208 BBCJ can be easily stacked to facilitate transport, storage and materials handling. It’s two runners ensure that the unit is suitable for use in racking and is easy to transport on fork lift trucks. A suitable lid is also available on request.

As the sole UK distributor of JcoPlastic products, the new GoBox 1208 BBCJ is available exclusively from