Latest News expands range to provide greater choice for manufacturing and chemical industries, the responsible plastic pallet company, has added two new medium duty general use pallets to the UK’s largest range of plastic pallets and boxes. The Cabka Eco C5 3R and the Cabka Eco C5 6R will provide the manufacturing and chemicals industries with greater access to sustainable, cost effective pallets for transporting and storing raw materials and chemicals.

Cabka Eco C5 3R & Cabka Eco C5 6R
Cabka Eco C5 3R & Cabka Eco C5 6R

Measuring 1100mm x 1100mm x 150mm, the Eco pallets have been primarily designed to handle block stacked 25kg sacks of granular materials, powders and other ingredients, as well as chemical drums. The Cabka Eco C5 3R (featuring three runners and weighing 12.5kg) and the Cabka Eco C5 6R (boasting six runners and weighing 14.5kg) are robust and durable pallets, capable of handling 2800kg in static load and 1400kg in dynamic load. Both pallets also have a racking load of 250kg and feature reinforced corners for increased impact resistance.

They are constructed from 100% recycled high-density polyethylene (HDPE) plastic and have an average working life of more than eight years, providing a sustainable and cost effective alternative to traditional wooden pallets. Users can stack 16 units at a time and fit 384 units into a single truck. The pallets have also been optimised to fit in sea containers, to avoid wasted space and increase efficiency across the supply chain.

The Cabka Eco C5 3R and the Cabka Eco C5 6R are both available with or without lips and can be printed with company branding ahead of delivery.’s Managing Director, Jim Hardisty, said: “We are excited to add the Cabka Eco C5 3R and the Cabka Eco C5 6R to our range of plastic pallets and increase the numbers of options available to customers looking for 1100mm x 1100mm pallets. We are proud to offer our customers the greatest choice in the marketplace.

“The Cabka Eco C5 3R and the Cabka Eco C5 6R highlight’s commitment to sustainability – offering a greener and more cost-effective option for businesses. These products are reusable, recyclable, and require less maintenance than traditional wooden pallets, reducing the overall environmental impact of material handling operations.”

For more information about the Cabka Eco C5 3R and the Cabka Eco C5 6R, call our sales team on 01323 744057 or email us at