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Introducing THE UK’s most versatile folding sleeve pack has introduced a new, versatile collection of folding sleeve packs, each offering unique features, to its already impressive range of sleeve pack systems.

The AkyPak® folding sleeve packs provide optimal protection in storage and transit for both lightweight parts and packaging of heavier components across many industries from automotive to food packaging, and parcels to pharmaceuticals. is stocking five versions of this exclusive range, with each version comprising of three parts: a thermoformed HDPE lid, a polypropylene sealed sleeve, and a strong thermoformed HDPE pallet base. Three models in the range have a 1200mm (L) x 800mm (W) footprint and the other two are on a 1200mm (L) x 1000mm (W) footprint. All models have one drop-down door as standard, and all lids have unique webbing straps to make them simpler to lift off for loading.

All models come with nine feet on the base, which fit into recesses on the lid so the sleeve packs can be double stacked when loaded. When empty, the sleeve folds flat and neatly nestles between the lid and base to save considerable space – up to 85% in volume on return journeys. While collapsed, the lid’s recesses allow the sleeve packs to be safely stacked up to 11 units high.

Where the AkyPak® range really excels is in its variety of unique features across the five versions:

  • The AkyPak® Classic V3 1210 features an “O-Lock” system on its lid that secures the lid and sleeve to the base, offering greater sleeve security and protection of goods.
  • The AkyPak® Advanced 1210 and 1208 are available on two different size footprints, 1200mm x 1000mm and 1200mm x 800mm, and both feature sliding locks to secure the sleeve to the base, making it easy for operators to check if the sleeve is securely attached.
  • The AkyPak® Advanced Clean comes with a completely closed, smooth pallet deck, which enhances hygiene performance, and is suitable for automatic washing lines.
  • The AkyPak® Advanced Large features a higher sleeve, which still folds down between the base and lid when not in use and has a pallet-to-lid hook, which holds the lid to one side, allowing for easy loading and unloading.

All Advanced models feature the unique ‘Full Ease of Use System’, which uses a flexible strap to ensure safe folding and unfolding without fastening, as well as runners for secure handling.

Jim Hardisty, Managing Director of said, “We are delighted to bring the versatile and unique AkyPak® sleeve pack collection to the UK.

“In recent years we have noticed that folding sleeve packs have become a lot more popular in many industries, because they reduce packaging weight while offering the same flexibility as the traditional heavy-duty solid-sided FLCs to fold down.

“They are extremely adaptable, very easy to use, and save a considerable amount of space in return logistics. The sleeve packs are a truly flexible solution for our customers’ requirements. We currently have five models, but we can offer different sleeve heights, door sizes and positions, and other configurations for special projects. We are also able to customise with company names and logos if required.”

The AkyPak® sleeve packs can be used time and again, up to 20 years, and are completely recyclable after their long working life, through’s responsible recycling scheme.

For more information and specifications of the AkyPak® range, please visit or for expert advice call on 01323 744057 or email your enquiry to