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New CabCube 1210 takes the FLC market by storm

Since launching at this year’s IMHX exhibition, we’ve seen the new CabCube 1210 take the large container market by storm.

The new CabCube 1210 took centre-stage at IMHX back in September and since then it has continued to grow in popularity. Thanks to it’s impressive volume capacity and ease of use, we have already sold hundreds of units in just a matter of weeks.

So what are the key benefits to using the CabCube?

Comprising of three sections, including a moulded closed base, a collapsible sleeve and a lid, the CabCube 1210 provides a reliable stacking capacity.

In fact, the CabCube 1210 folds to half the height of the old traditional “thick sided FLCs” (Folding Large Containers).

It’s also incredibly light, weighing only 39kg, which makes the three-piece, collapsible sleeve pack easy to handle. In fact, it can be erected and packed down again by one person, and in a matter of minutes.CabCube_2.0_1200x1000_02

In just a few steps the sleeve can be collapsed to rest between the pallet and lid and as a result, the CabCube can provide a truck load volume reduction of up to 80%  for a
cost effective and efficient return transport.

The new CabCube is ideal for transporting and storing bulk items and is already in use with a major German based European car manufacturer, who currently uses thousands of CabCube’s within its packaging fleet.

Injection moulded for superior strength and accuracy

Yet, what really makes the CabCube unique is it’s injection moulded manufacturing process.

The specialist process, by which it is made, makes the container much stronger than traditional FLCs currently on the market. It also delivers a robust and precision-made box that can absorb rough handling and hard impacts, without impacting the CabCube’s structural integrity.  

Designed and manufactured by supply chain packaging specialist CABKA-IPS, the new injection moulded container is ideal for transporting large loads of components for just-in-time deliveries.

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