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New one-trip budget pallets for big exporters

Large exporters can now ship more products and spend less in doing so using’s newly developed one-trip budget nestable pallets.

Nestable plastic pallets are a popular choice for exporting goods as they are lightweight, exempt from ISPM15 heat treatment regulations and are comparable in cost to heat-treated wooden pallets. But now, an even more cost-effective variety of nestable pallet is available for big exporters.

Made from lower grade material,’s newly introduced one-trip budget nestable pallets have been specially manufactured to allow high volume users to rein in shipping costs – great news for the budget-conscious exporter!

Jim Hardisty, Managing Director of, said: “Plastic pallet manufacturers are constantly developing pallets from different grades of plastic to achieve optimum performance at the lowest possible cost.

“One example is recycled polyolefin (PO) pallets – like our Cabka-IPS CPP 790 PO nestable pallet – which we introduced to our range in 2013. In the last couple of years, Cabka-IPS has been refining the recycling process to improve the overall performance of its PO pallets and as a result they’ve been proving very popular with exporters due to their lightweight – as light as 5kg per pallet – and low price tag.

“In fact, the performance of pallets made from lower grade materials has improved to such an extent that one of the European manufacturers we work with confirmed last week that more than half of its sales so far this year have been one-trip budget nestable pallets.

“Although our one-trip budget nestable pallets aren’t suitable for all applications, they offer large export companies significant advantages over wooden pallets for shipping light loads – namely their lightweight, low cost, safer handling and exemption from ISPM15 regulations.

Big exporters can call 01323 744057 to arrange a visit from our UK Sales Manager who will bring a sample and advise on the applications and scenarios in which one-trip budget nestable pallets can be used.

Alternatively to request a quote, complete our online enquiry form.