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New Pallet Range Gives You More For Less

Popular with exporters and the chemical industry, the 1140mm (L) x 1140mm (W) pallet has just become even more versatile and cost-effective with the introduction of a new lightweight nestable version to’s range.

Now available in lightweight, medium duty and heavy duty versions,’s trio of 1140 plastic pallets offers customers a solution for every application, from low weight shipments to heavy weight bulk consignments. This size of pallet is particularly effective for moving goods in ISO shipping containers, as two pallets conveniently slot side by side, minimising wasted space and reducing freight costs.

In fact, there has never been a better time for users of 1140 pallets to switch to plastic, as increased production runs of’s range have significantly reduced the unit price. Customers buying the new lightweight nestable version will pay just £13 per pallet for orders over 300 units.

Weighing just 7.1kg, the new lightweight open deck nestable pallet – the Qpall 1140 L – offers a static load capacity of 2,500kg and a dynamic load capacity of 1,000kg so, for low weight exports, this pallet really is a money saver. Capable of stacking up to 50 pallets high when empty, an average trailer can carry 1,100 of these pallets at a time, so further cost savings can be made on return journey transportation.

For customers in the chemical industry, the medium duty 1140 pallet comes in three different models, equivalent to the commonly used CP3, CP8 and CP9 designs, but offering all the safety and hygiene benefits of plastic. The three versions include the Qpall 1140 M3R with three runners (CP3), the Qpall 1140 M6R with a six runner full perimeter base (CP9), and the Qpall 1140 MH6R, which is supplied on six runners but with a central discharge aperture (CP8). The medium duty 1140 pallets have a static load capacity of 7,500kg and a dynamic load capacity of 1,375kg and, depending on the model, can hold up to 600kg in racking.

If high volume loads are handled, look no further than’s APB1140 HR6R. The heavy duty open deck full perimeter pallet is the powerhouse of the 1140 range. Its superior strength and durability means it can withstand the heavy handling sometimes imposed in warehouse environments and transit, which would cause significant damage to other types of pallet. Although the APB1140 HR6R is comparable to the medium duty version in terms of static and dynamic load capacities, it stands apart in its racking system durability, where it can withstand over double the weight, a huge 1,250kg.


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