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New pool pallets create splash in expanding UK market

British businesses are increasingly following the lead of their counterparts in continental Europe by establishing pallet pools in an effort to cut costs and be more competitive. Jim Hardisty, MD of, the UK’s fastest growing supplier of plastic pallets, has witnessed the trend..

“We are getting increasing numbers of enquiries for pool pallets but buyers are also looking hard for realistic prices,” says Hardisty who has seen demand for plastic pallets overall double in less than 12 months.

“In the past, high quality pallets which exhibited greater strength and durability were only available at a premium.” Thanks to the independence of Hardisty’s operation, he firmly believes they’ve found the answer. “Unlike many of our competitors, we have links with dozens of manufacturers around the world and can take our pick.”

As a result, is introducing two high-quality pallets which are extremely strong, ideal for repeated long-term use and competitively priced. These 800 x 600mm, 1200 x 800mm and 1200 x 1000mm pallets are produced in a one-piece design, with open or closed top decks and in various colours.

Hardisty adds: “As price is a key factor in any buying decision, it’s important to remember that plastic represents a much longer-term investment — these pallets can easily last five times as long as a wood.”

The food industry was among the first to develop pools having recognised that plastic pallets weren’t just tough but ideal for improving hygiene in fast-moving, closed-loop operations. Hardisty says: “Don’t forget, health and safety is high on the agenda for most businesses. With plastic pallets there’s no dust and nowhere for mould or pests to thrive. Plastic can also be easily and regularly steam cleaned.”

Hardisty doesn’t doubt that the trend is set to continue: “No business can afford to ignore the benefits of pallet pooling – the fact is that a pool can ease distribution, save time and increase profits.”

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