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New rackable multi-trip box offers superior strength has introduced a new multi-trip pallet box to its popular plastic pallet range – the Trip Box – which offers all the benefits of a traditional sleeve pack system, with the added benefits of improved strength and excellent performance in racking.

Comprised of three components – a durable plastic pallet base, a sturdy but lightweight plastic sleeve and a plastic lid – the Trip Box differs to other sleeve pack systems on the market in that the pallet is not a lightweight thermoformed design but instead is injection moulded, making it exceptionally strong and robust as well as suitable for storage in racking systems. The incredibly strong structure means that the Trip Box can be used repeatedly, across multiple trips to and from the warehouse.

Ben Messingham, UK Sales Manager for, said: “Although we’ve only just introduced this product to our range, we’ve already taken our first order from one of the world’s leading manufacturers of planes and trains who is using it for storing and transferring component parts from the warehouse to the production line.

“We’ve also had interest from a chemical company for exporting goods, a bathroom manufacturer for the home delivery of bathroom sets and from customers looking for a safer and more secure way to transport products. It’s still very early days though… applications for the Trip Box are limitless!”’s Trip Box comes in three sizes – the 1210 with a 1200mm x 1000mm pallet base and weighing 33kg; the 1208 with a 1210mm x 800mm pallet base and weighing 23.29kg; and the 8060 a nestable pallet base measuring 800mm x 600mm and weighing just 11kg. The plastic sleeve can be tailored to almost any height, upon request and subject to minimum order. The standard height for the 1200mm x1000mm system is 965mm.

Quick and easy to assemble and disassemble in a matter of minutes, the plastic sleeve slots into a groove around the pallet edge and the lid locates easily onto the top of the sleeve.

When assembled the Trip Box can be stacked and stored safely up to three boxes high, depending on the weight in each box. In folded-down mode, the plastic sleeve folds virtually flat and sits neatly on top of the pallet base with the lid fitting securely on top; this allows stacking up to 10 boxes high and can save considerable space in storage as well as reduce the cost of return journey trips.

The Trip Box comes with a drop down door in the pallet sleeve, which has Velcro attached to keep it closed during transportation, but when open it provides easy access to goods.

A number of customisation options are available for large orders. These include different colours for the pallet, lid and sleeve; screen printing on the pallet base and sleeve; a version without a drop down door; and built-in label holders on the sleeve to allow easy product labelling and identification.

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