Case Studies

Plastic pallets keep supermarket supply chains moving and generate income!

Working with a popular supermarket chain, we supplied 36,000 of our APB 1210 Pool plastic pallets.

All 36,000 of the plastic pallets are bright orange, to match that of the store’s branding so that they cannot be confused with anyone else’s pallets making loss of the asset less likely in the supply chain network.

The pallets work extremely well for them; not only because of their superior strength and quality but because they can offer the pallet for “rental” to their chilled and fresh produce suppliers on a trip basis or “pay as you use”. A major benefit to all users in the supply chain is one of pallet conformity. All the suppliers use the same pallet, which is consistent in size, performance and quality so it can work in all areas of automation and storage.

Pallets can enter the distribution centre and be put into storage quickly. When the products are needed for the store the pallets can be retrieved easily and the crates of product picked and dispatched quickly to ensure the produce reaches the consumer in prime condition.

The reliability and long-working life of the plastic pallets has generated significant income for the supermarket; paying for themselves within the first 6 months.

The APB 1210 Pool pallets travel through a fully automated storage system, supplied mainly by Dematic, and they are also washed after every use. This ensures that the pallet is always clean and free from any cross contamination. The construction of the pallet makes it simple to wash and dry in an automatic wash machine. The pallet has no areas where dirt or water can accumulate and the surfaces of the pallet will not retain any moisture.

The APB 1210 Pool Plastic Pallet

Download Data Sheet

Style: Heavy Duty
Size (mm): 1200mm x 1000mm
Height (mm): 160
Weight (kg): 21.0000
Colour: Black
Made of Recycled Plastic: Yes
Material: Recycled PP, also available in Virgin Material
Deck: Semi Open
Dynamic (kg): 2,500
Static (kg): 5,000
Racking (kg): 1,250
Number of units in a stack: 15
Trailer/ truck qty: 390
Available With Lips: Yes
Available Without Lips: Yes

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