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PM Boris Johnson spotted with our Plastic Pallets!

Boris was recently pictured on Sky News at a pharmaceutical production site with plastic pallets from in the background. This pallet has been trusted with transporting one of the vital ingredients that make up the second COVID-19 vaccine.

The Qpall 1208 HR 5R, featured with Boris, is a heavy duty, durable and long lasting plastic pallet made from recycled plastic.

Back in October, the call came from the leading international pharmaceutical provider with an urgent request for a Euro plastic pallet on five runners.

This is not a standard plastic pallet, in fact the specification is very rare. However not too rare for the UK’s plastic pallet experts, who boast the largest variety of stock in the UK and instantly matched the requirements with the Qpall 1208 HR 5R.

MD of, Jim Hardisty said: “It is humbling to be involved in such a significant project. We’ve supported the pharmaceutical industry with a broad range of projects during our 20 years in business, but this is by far one of the most satisfying.”

But why plastic pallets?

Pallets have been in high demand in the pharmaceutical sector this year but why would you choose a plastic pallet over it’s wooden counterpart?

Hygienic – This has to be the #1 reason for the pharmaceutical industry; they are easy to clean and wash down and being plastic, are impervious to moisture and contamination, which cause mould and bacteria.

Designed for Application – Our plastic pallets are moulded under extreme pressure, in highly polished moulds for consistent, dimensional accuracy and loading capacities.

10 Times More Durable – Plastic pallets are incredibly strong and long lasting unlike their wooden counterpart, which can splinter and break easily. Over time wood also shrinks, which means that the pallet changes shape and nails also become loose. This means that wooden pallets are also more likely to jam in automation.

Space & Cost Saving – Plastic pallets can save space in both transit and the warehouse, meaning fewer return journeys, a reduced fuel bill and lower carbon footprint.

Environmentally Friendly – Not only are plastic pallets made from recycled plastic, they can be reground to produce new plastic products at the end of their long working life.


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