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World Environment Day #BeatPlasticPollution

This year’s World Environment Day‘s subject is #BeatPlasticPollution with a clear main message; create a circular economy.

Today is a reminder that people’s actions on plastic pollution matters.

This is why we are committed to creating responsible supply chains by enabling businesses to easily build a circular economy into their everyday logistics.

These are a just a few ways that we are helping to #BeatPlasticPollution

It’s Our Responsibility: We are leading the way recycling plastic pallets and boxes in the UK; guaranteeing to take full responsibility for recycling the plastic pallets and boxes we supply

To date, we have recycled 1252 tonnes of plastic; this includes both products that we have supplied that have come to the end of their working life, as well as those manufactured by other suppliers.

This year, we have recycled over 230 tonnes of plastic so far, which already exceeds the 224 tonnes we recycled in 2022.

Reducing CO2 in Transportation: We ensure that all of our import transportation trucks are always loaded to the maximum possible weight and volume, to ensure they are running at their maximum efficiency and in both directions. In addition, our distribution team in the UK works closely with the pallet delivery network to greatly reduce the “part loaded” miles of trucks running to their final destination.

Our Partners: We have partnered with leading manufacturers in Europe who share our responsibility values, producing plastic pallets made from recycled plastic and ensuring that we are doing our part in creating responsible supply chains and a circular economy.

Our Products are made from Recycled Plastic: 93% of our plastic pallets, pallet boxes and small boxes are made from recycled plastic. In addition, using recycled plastic requires less energy. In fact, one tonne of recycled plastic saves around 2 tonnes of CO2 emissions. That equates to 5,774 kilowatt hours of energy, 16.3 barrels of oil, 98 million BTUs of energy and 22 cubic metres spared from going to landfill.

We know that it is time to accelerate action and transition to a circular economy.

These are just a few of our best-selling products made from recycled plastic:


GoPalletBox 1210S 3R Black

1200 x 1000 x 760mm

Super strong and durable, 610 litre Plastic Pallet Container with solid walls on 3 runners and made from 100% Recycled Plastic.
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GoPalletBox 1311S 3R Black

1300 x 1150 x 1250mm

A 1400 litre Pallet Box on three runners. Made from 100% Recycled HDPE.

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CabFrame 1208

1200 x 800 x 200mm


A 1200 x 800mm Pallet Collar offering a simple but effective way to produce a reconfigurable pallet box. Made from 100% Recycled PP
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GoEuro 43120S

400 x 300 x 120mm

Euro stacking container with modular inter-stacking containers. Vertical sides for maximum internal volume. Made from 100% Recycled PP.
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GoEuro 64320POF

600 x 400 x 320mm


600 x 400mm Euro stacking container with perforated sides. Open fronted for easy picking access. Made from 100% Recycled PP.
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APB 1210 Pool Open 3R Black

1200 x 1000mm

Very strong, long lasting plastic pool pallet, suitable for repeated use. Made from 100% Recycled PP Plastic.
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APB 1210 Pool Closed 5R Blue

1200 x 1000mm

A very strong, hygienic plastic pool pallet with a closed deck and five runners. Made from Recycled HDPE Plastic.
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Cabka-IPS NEW CPP 110 PE 9F

1200 x 1000mm



The Cabka-IPS NEW CPP 110 PE 9F is a strong and economic, nestable plastic pallet. Made from Recycled HDPE Plastic.
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SF 1210 NL 9F

1200 x 1000mm


A brand new nestable plastic pallet, lightweight and strong with the option to clip on 3 runners. Made from Recycled HDPE Plastic.
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Qpall 1210 Export Closed 9F

1200 x 1000mm

A nestable, lightweight, plastic pallet with a closed deck on 9 feet. Made from 100% Recycled HDPE Plastic.

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