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An open letter to employees, customers and all those working tirelessly to keep things going

Jim Hardisty MD Goplasticpallets

These are unprecedented times, the likes of which, you and I have never seen.

None of us were prepared for this, but it is how my team has responded to the Coronavirus crisis that I will always remember.

Most of the Goplasticpallets team are now working from home. They are busy ensuring that our customers have exactly what they need to keep their businesses going whilst also juggling childcare and in some cases teaching their children too.

The members of staff on the ground are getting vital orders out to keep essential supply chains moving. They are working tirelessly to ensure that our plastic pallets and boxes get to where they need to be, to ensure that invaluable medicines and foods are on shelves.

All of the team have pulled together, helping each other, offering support and I am incredibly proud of all of them and how they have responded to these unpredictable times.

And amidst the madness, we welcome a baby into the world. Born in the small hours of last night to Whitney, who has been with Goplasticpallets since 2017. Mother and baby are doing well and we are all delighted for them.

As we come to the close of another week, I just want to end by saying that each and everyone of you is playing a vital part in keeping essential supply chains moving and I am incredibly proud.

Jim Hardisty
Managing Director