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Automation to dominate the supply chain of the future

If you attended IMHX last month, you would have seen how much automation dominated the event and how much the technology has advanced.

From self-guided robots to intelligent forklifts, the modern supply chain is going to rely heavily on this technology to drive efficiencies in the future.

To optimise this efficiency, warehouse managers should be considering the use of plastic pallets, boxes, or containers in their automated systems, says Managing Director of, Jim Hardisty.

“Automated systems are designed to make repetitive tasks quicker and more efficient. Plastic pallets, boxes, and containers are perfect for this and have a clear advantage over other alternatives because they have been optimised for automated tasks.

“Plastic RTP (Returnable Transit Packaging) that is well designed and manufactured from high quality polymers with a high percentage of recycled material create a pallet, container, or box that is precise in size and weight which is essential for use in high speed automation systems

“In the case of our APB 1210 Pool pallet, it has a proven track record in all types of automated handling scenarios, including retail, food production, and manufacturing. It can hold static loads of 5,000kg, dynamic loads of 2,500kg, and up to 1,250kg in racking – particularly useful in ASRS systems. This high racking capacity means goods can be stored in racking for a long period of time with minimal deflection. If a pallet deflects too much when loaded, the automated handling system will not be able to access the pallet and load or remove accurately and without delay to the put away or pick process

“The other beneficial feature of this pallet is its smooth radiused corner block profiles and wide flat runners. This allows the pallet to move easily through automation, roll well on conveyors, and transition through junctions and intersections with no issue.

“Other products, such as our GoSmartEuro containers, are also perfect for automated applications and have been optimised for quiet running on conveyor systems. The reinforced base has a ribbed lattice design creating an extremely strong container and minimising any potential deflection in long-term storage. The side walls and radiused corner profiles are strong and allow for automated handling systems to contact the containers consistently for smooth flow and travel through e-commerce networks.

“Our pallets, boxes, and containers also have specific areas where labels can be securely fitted so they can be “seen and read” quickly and easily by automated sensors. This helps the system to run seamlessly with minimal intervention by system operators when in use, further maximising efficiency.

“It is clear that plastic pallets, boxes, and containers are the long-term, durable, consistent, and reliable way to move goods around all types of automated systems. Even when the time does come to replace the product it can be fully recycled through our recycling scheme, bringing sustainability and circularity to your business.”

The team at are experts in identifying the perfect product for your application, so whether you need a plastic pallet, box, or container, please get in touch today.