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Best Products for Fruit Harvesters in 2024

As we approach the high season for fruit harvesting, it’s important for growers to evaluate and optimise every aspect of the picking and processing operations. From asparagus in open fields to berries in polytunnels and grapes in Sussex vineyards, each type of produce requires a tailored approach to handling and storage.

For many years, has supported the food and agriculture industry by providing cutting-edge plastic pallet and container solutions designed to boost efficiency, enhance product safety, and support sustainability in agriculture operations.

Best Products for Fruit Harvesters in 2024

The impact of high-quality supply chain solutions on harvesting operations

Choosing the right containers and pallets for fruit harvesting isn’t just about logistics – it’s about preserving the quality of the fruit from the moment it’s picked until it reaches the consumer. Plastic pallets and containers offer superior durability, cleanliness, and ease of handling, which are essential for maintaining the integrity of delicate fruits and vegetables.

The best products for fruit harvesters to use in 2024

Plastic pallets: Plastic pallets offer several distinct advantages over their wooden counterparts, making them a superior choice for fruit harvesters. One of the key benefits is their consistency. Manufactured to precise specifications, plastic pallets maintain uniform size, shape, and weight, which ensures stable and predictable stacking and handling. This uniformity is also critical in automated and high-efficiency harvesting operations. Additionally, plastic pallets are inherently more hygienic. Unlike wood, which is porous and can harbour bacteria, mold or pests, plastic surfaces are non-porous and resist contamination. This makes them much easier to clean and sanitise, reducing the risk of transferring contaminants to the products. Furthermore, plastic pallets are more durable and robust compared to wooden alternatives. They do not break or splinter easily, which not only extends their lifespan but also reduces the risk of damaging the handler or the produce. This durability ensures that they can withstand the rigours of frequent use and harsh outdoor conditions typically encountered during fruit harvesting, ultimately offering better long-term value and reliability.

Perforated plastic stacking containers: Perforated containers are designed to maintain the freshness of fruits like strawberries and asparagus by facilitating optimal airflow. This feature is also crucial during any cooling process, where consistent air circulation is necessary to quickly bring down the temperature of freshly picked fruits, extending their market life and reducing waste. A popular product in this range is the GoEuro 6480P, measuring 600mm x 400mm x 80mm.

Plastic folding containers: For farms and vineyards that face variable demand and need adaptable solutions, plastic folding containers are ideal. Easy to store and transport when not in use, these containers can be quickly deployed during peak season, offering excellent space efficiency without compromising the protection of the produce. Check out the key features of the GoFold 64200P here.

Plastic pallet boxes: When dealing with high-volume harvests, robust plastic pallet boxes deliver a range of benefits. They are designed to withstand the rigours of farm operations and the subsequent transport logistics, ensuring that large quantities of fruit arrive at their destination in prime condition. Read how Deprez Handling Solutions is using the GoPalletBox 1311S 3R Blue to store and transport potatoes within its automated warehouse.

Stack/nest plastic food crates: Stack/nest crates – such as the GoS&N 64245P – are particularly beneficial for operations where space is at a premium. Their dual functionality allows them to be stacked when full and nested when empty, significantly reducing the storage footprint during off-peak times or during return transportation. Their robust design and ease of washing make them a hygienic choice for any fruit handling operation.

Our partnership with The New Forest Fruit Company

Integrating plastic pallets and containers can streamline every stage of the harvesting process. From the field where durability and ease of handling are paramount, to cooling and storage facilities where proper ventilation is crucial, each product is designed to meet specific needs while ensuring operational efficiency and sustainability. Our team of experts will take the time to discuss your requirements in -depth and recommend the best products possible to benefit your operations. This was the case with The New Forest Fruit Company, who we have worked closely with for several years.

The New Forest Fruit Company enlisted the help of to modernise their on-site equipment used in the picking and distribution process. Up until that time, the company had been using wooden pallets, but the regular breakages and the desire for a better ventilated storage platform, led them to explore different options.

After discussing in detail how the pallets would be used, our team recommended the SF 1210 M5R medium duty plastic pallet on five runners. Not only does this pallet have a well ventilated top deck, it also comes with the option of a 22mm lip, which was recommended to keep the plastic picking trays securely in place. The New Forest Fruit Company was impressed by the suggestion and made an initial order of 1,200 units.

Sandy Booth, Owner of The New Forest Fruit Company, said: “In the fields our staff pick the strawberries into plastic trays, which are fully ventilated to allow good air flow. The trays are then loaded onto the plastic pallets ready for processing. For preservation, the pallets go through an 80-metre blast chill process, where cool air is blasted through them; this is where the ventilated pallet deck is ideal, as it ensures that the cool air reaches the fruit much quicker. This process used to take 1 hour 15 minutes when we were using black plastic trays on wooden pallets, but now we’ve switched to white trays on plastic pallets, it takes a mere 45 minutes! Another benefit we’ve found using the plastic pallets is that they’re much lighter for staff to handle (weighing just 14kg each), when carrying them to the field.”


With the 2024 fruit picking season on the horizon, choosing the right tools and equipment is more than just a logistical decision – it’s a strategic move towards higher productivity, better product quality, and enhanced sustainability. is proud to offer a range of plastic pallets and containers that meet these needs. Explore our extensive product range tailored for the food and agriculture industry on our website. Alternatively, get in touch with our team for expert advice tailored to your exact requirements.