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Revolutionary BigBag S5 Pallet now exclusively available in the UK through, the responsible plastic pallet company, has expanded its range of innovative products with the exclusive UK launch of the BigBag S5, a cutting-edge plastic pallet developed by their long-term manufacturing partner, Cabka. This revolutionary product is set to transform big bag handling, offering unparalleled stability and protection, as well as helping businesses to enhance sustainability across their supply chains.

Cabka BigBag S5

The BigBag S5 redefines the standards of big bag handling

The BigBag S5 is engineered to redefine the standards of big bag handling. Its innovative design ensures stability during double stacking and provides robust protection against forklift damage, making it a superior choice for companies that prioritise safety and efficiency. The pallet’s unique size optimises ISO container space by 20%, helping to significantly reducing transport costs and associated emissions.

Made from 100% recycled plastic, the BigBag S5 not only supports eco-friendly practices but also delivers exceptional performance. The pallet measures 1150mm x 950mm x 150mm and features five runners. It boasts a static load capacity of 2000kg and a dynamic load capacity of 1000kg, making it ideal for a variety of heavy-duty applications.

A standout feature of the BigBag S5 is its large and robust support surface, which ensures stable block stacking and smooth transportation on roller conveyors. The pallet is specifically designed to allow big bags to be stacked safely and efficiently. Its purpose-built construction and unique features offer superior protection, including special tunnel entries and perimeter rims that prevent forklift tines from coming into contact with the big bag, thus avoiding common damages and financial losses.

Cost savings and environmental benefits for Red Bull

The BigBag S5 is already helping Red Bull, the energy drink manufacturer, to make cost savings whilst reducing its environmental impact. Previously, Red Bull utilised one-way wooden pallets and 40-foot maritime containers for transporting its energy drink ingredients to the US market from its facility in Austria. After discussions with Cabka, Red Bull switched to BigBag S5 pallets and transitioned to 20-foot ISO containers. As part of its commitment to sustainability, Red Bull will implement the BigBag S5 pallet as a reusable solution, establishing an efficient closed-loop system between the two Red Bull facilities.

“Important to bring these highly innovative products to the UK”

Commenting on the launch, Jim Hardisty, Managing Director at, said: “Cabka has done a fantastic job designing the BigBag S5 – it is an excellent product that will help different businesses to enhance their supply chains. It’s important for us to bring these highly innovative products to the UK market so our customers can benefit from improved efficiency and enhanced protection for their goods. Moreover, the BigBag S5 will help our customers to further green their supply chains, aligning with our own commitment to sustainability. We are excited to offer this advanced solution and support businesses in achieving their operational and environmental goals.”

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