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CPP 875 PO Plastic Pallets – The Ultimate Export Tool

Exporting goods internationally has just been made far simpler and cost effective thanks to’s new addition to its Cabka-IPS range – the 1200mm x 1000mm full perimeter, medium duty CPP 875 PO plastic pallet.

Manufactured from recycled polyolefin, the CPP 875 PO is lightweight – weighing just 15kg – and comes with a low cost price tag, so it can be used by exporters as a one-way pallet. Despite its low weight, the CPP 875 PO is impressively robust and can carry up to 1500kg in transit, giving the pallet an extraordinary weight-to-load capacity ratio.

Cost benefits aside, what makes the CPP 875 PO the ultimate export tool is its racking ability. Unlike nestable export pallets which cannot be racked, the CPP 875 PO comes on five runners as standard and can hold up to 600kg in high racking systems, which means goods can be packed, racked, stored and shipped on one single pallet.

Jim Hardisty, Managing Director of, said: “Using plastic pallets alongside ordinary wooden pallets adds an additional expense for exporters. By switching to our CPP 875 PO plastic pallet, customers can remove the costly expense of loading goods on one pallet and having to switch to another for racking and storage, as it can be used right throughout the logistics process.”

In comparison to wooden pallets, the CPP 875 PO offers many additional benefits for exporters.

Round edged runners facilitate four-way entry into the CPP 875 PO pallet, so hand pallet trucks can lift it with ease. The pallet’s weight and dimensional accuracy means goods can be easily integrated into customer’s automatic conveyor systems without the problems inherent with wooden pallets, including splintering, chipping and in the worst case, twisted pallets, which can get trapped and stall conveyor systems. In addition, the CPP 875 PO’s open, lattice deck optimises stability but also improves the ventilation of cargo.

The CPP 875 PO is more environmentally friendly than its wooden alternative, as it is manufactured from 100% recycled polyolefin, which is fully recyclable. And, like all plastic export pallets, the CPP 875 PO is completely exempt from ISPM15 regulations, which seriously restrict the import of wooden pallets into many countries worldwide, if they are not heat treated and marked correctly. Furthermore, built-in label holders allow easy tracking of shipments.

Continuous in-process inspections and tests during manufacture ensure the high quality of all our CPP plastic pallets.