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CPP 110 PE Plastic Pallets Cut Costs and are Environmentally Friendly

The tough, lightweight and versatile CABKA-IPS CPP 110 PE nestable plastic pallet from offers a host of economic, environmental and practical benefits.

The 1200 x 1000 x 135mm pallet’s robust deck is perforated for extra lightness – each pallet weighs a mere 5.5kg. This cuts transport costs, especially for airfreight, and makes the pallets far easier to handle. Freight costs are further reduced because the space saving pallets are shallow and stack very tightly so, when empty, 55 pallets stack 2.4m high, meaning that almost 2,000 can be loaded in one Jumbo truck.

From the nested position, the pallets can be de-stacked easily, helped by nicely angled feet and a smooth deck edge.

Despite their light weight, CPP 110 PE pallets have impressive load capacities. They can carry a dynamic load up to 1,000kg and accommodate a static load of 1,600kg.

Plastic pallets are not subject to the ISPM15 regulations for exports, so they do not need to have expensive heat treatment to meet those regulations. In fact, plastic pallets are not subject to any concerns about burrowing insects or fungal growth, etc.

CPP-110-PE-Plastic-PalletsIndeed, CPP 110 PE (polyethylene) pallets are particularly environmentally friendly because they use 100 per cent recycled plastic and are themselves completely recyclable. The pallet’s open design also means that less plastic is used in its manufacture, resulting in lower energy consumption during production.

Rounded edges improve the safe manual handling of CPP 110 PE pallets and protect tension bands against damage. Rounded edges and angled feet also make the pallets more forgiving when using forklift trucks, with four-way entry into the pallets boosting handling versatility still further.

Jim Hardisty, Managing Director of, said: “Plastic pallets are essential in everyday logistics, whether internally in the UK or exporting around the world. Plastic pallets, such as the CPP 110 PE, are designed to offer a simple, practical solution in these everyday applications at a low price, with a low weight, and with all the benefits in terms of hygiene and exemption from ISPM15 – a truly excellent pallet for everyday use.”

You can try out one of these pallets for your export consignments by calling on 01323 744057 or visit the website for further information.